Sunday, December 16, 2012

CRC Holiday Lights Run Reschedule to 12/23/2012

CRC members,

With the rain starting to settle across Charlotte and the threat of thunderstorms looming, we had to err on the side of caustion to protect our members who planned to partcipate in our club's Holiday Lights Run this evening.

The long term forcast says that the weather will be much better next weekend so we hope if you are in town, you will participate in our reschedule Holiday Lights Run event on 12/23/2012.

We still plan to have plenty of hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookie for everyone.

The run will go off shortly after 5 pm from the parking lot across from Freedom Park.

Members with questions about our reschedule event, can contact us at

Again my apologies for the late notice,

CRC President.


  1. Sounds exciting! Too bad I just hear this out now! I would love to join some sporty events just to make the recovery of my feet faster, that's what my doctor suggested. Right now, I'm inclined in doing some running and track and field events.

  2. For certain events just like this one, it is important to take precautionary and safety health measures to make sure that everything will be okay. Also it's also good to orient yourself about the possible weather of that day.

  3. I prefer running on a rainy day. The cold weather keeps me from sweating so I would run a farther distance than on a sunny day. Sweating makes me feel that I achieved something. But running with a looming thunderstorm just needs to be rescheduled, no one would want an accident to happen.

  4. Better late than never. Its quite obvious in the area, that the weather would not be too good. Its also better if they would give refunds.

  5. I was lucky to be a part of that run! All of us, including my friends really have fun running altogether.

  6. Whatever sports you are involve in it's important to take a break and relax. Just to make sure that they will not injure themselves upon doing routines.

  7. If they would conduct again this year, I would surely enter the fray. My sister participated last year and she told me that the enjoyment was second to none. I want to try it out if given the chance.

  8. It is of great use! Thanks for sharing!