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Charlotte Running Club 2012 Annual Meeting

CRC Board Annual Meeting Notes ‘12

TrySports S.P


Board Member present: Bill, Billy, Emily, Aaron, Tom, Jamaar, and Mike B
Board Members absent: Nicole, Ben, Caitlin,
Members present: Mike Kahn, Jamie McDonald, Tyler Wichmann, Allen, Strickland, Laura Gray, Caleb Boyd, Rob Ducsay, Emily Barrett, Stephanie York, Jason, Blackwood, Adrienne Anetrini,Ryan Milles, Jonathon Halter, Jason Meulemans, Michael Bard, Andrew Swistak.  

Meeting Date/Time

Sunday, 12/02/2012 – 3:00 PM

Meeting Notes:

Aaron opened the meeting by welcoming everyone to the CRC Annual Club meeting. He, then, went on to thank Tom, Nicole, Emily, and Jamaar for their service this past year to the Club’s BOD.
Next, he covered the election results. Getting elected for the 2 year term was: Stephanie York, Rob Ducsay, Mike Beigay, and Bill Shires.  The 2 at large BOD seats will be fill sometime between the 12/2/2012 and the 1/29/2013 meeting.
Aaron, then covered the 8k results from the Club’s ’12 race and then proceeded into covering the status of the club’s up and coming ’13 race set for 1/26/13 @ 3pm at McAlpine Greenway.
This was followed by a recap of the club’s socials during the year including the hugely successful social at the White Water Center. A special “thanks” was given to Emily for all of her work that she put in making these social events so successful.
His recap moved to covering of the tools used to maintain and interact with the club: use of Constant Contact and Survey Monkey. Constant Contact provides avenue for the Club’s newsletter and tracks how many people are reading it within the club. Aaron indicated that over 50% of the club reads our newsletter. Survey Monkey provides the club membership with a straight forward of gathering feedback. Survey Monkey is used for the club’s election process and will be used for such things as gathering runners for the Frosty 50k Relay team.

On the Gear front, the club brought the gear sales in house. While it was a large expense, having the gear in house allows the club to manage the entire inventory and sales process. The club’s expects to continue this approach in the ’13 year.
From the NET perspective, the club now rotates the monitoring of the club’s inbox utilizing board members.  Both members and none member emails now get more real time attention. Additionally, we are making our presence known via FaceBook, Twitter, and YouTube.
Membershipwise, we will continue our membership in both RRCA and USAT&F. The RRCA membership is most important because we get the insurance that covers our group runs and for our 8k race.
The club’s documents continue to be stored on our gdocs site which is attached to our run.charlotte account.
BOD meetings have been locked in for the last Thursday of each month at 7pm at Dowd YMCA common area. Any member is welcome to attend these meetings.
Mike and Jamaar spoke about 8k race and raffle items as well as the Kids fun.
Aaron also covered the moving of the Group Run Listing back on to our club’s website and away from Meetup. We will also be listing our group runs and links to our FaceBook group run pages.  Some individuals like finding the group runs through our published list while others like the interactivity of the FaceBooks groups. We are trying to accommodate both groups.
’12 Club took a field trip to the Tobacco Road Marathon. Many individuals like this idea so for ’13 we are looking to repeat it. Possible destinations are Tobacco Rd. Marathon again, Frosty 50k, and Savannah Marathon.
For ’13 we are also going to get the social calendar locked into place and posted much earlier than this year.
In previous years, the club’s BOD went on a retreat to hold daylong sessions in which to cover club business. For ’12, this wasn’t done, but possibility we will do it for ’13.
The final item covered at this meeting was the Treasury Report by Billy Shue, the club’s Treasurer. Billy covered the incomes and expenditures tracked during the ’12 year and his plans for tracking them during the ’13 calendar year.
The meeting wrapped up with Aaron thanking everyone for coming and pointing everyone toward the refreshments provided by TrySports who hosted the club’s annual meeting at their South Park location.
After the meeting, members had the opportunity to socialize, purchase gear from Mike B. and renew their membership, and register for the club’s 8k race.
 Todos Items:
Aaron – what constitutes a group run? How many people?

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