Places to Run

Places to run in and around Charlotte
Trails, Tracks, and Safe Neighborhoods
From Freedom Park and the Dilworth Speed Loop to the Davidson trails to the Whitewater Center, Charlotte has a lot of great places to run! We may not have Central Park, but learn these routes, and you'll be able to accommodate runs of nearly any distance. Also, you're bound to bump into other runners along the way, so be sure to say hello!

Take a tour of some of Charlotte's best running routes:

Be Smart. Run Safe. Although all of the running spots discussed here are generally safe, always use caution and be smart when running! When possible, run with a friend or group of friends (see last week's email!). Watch out for cars, bikes, wild animals, and shady people. Wear appropriate and safe clothing (e.g., reflective clothing and lights if it's dark). Be mindful of the weather. Wear a Road ID. Be sure to stay hydrated. In other words, use common sense!

For maps of these featured runs and more, check out the CRC Map My Run Page.

For information on parks throughout the Charlotte Mecklenburg region, check out Tar Heel Trail Blazers or the Charlotte Mecklenburg Parks Department.

Did we miss one of your favorite running spots? Let us know, and we'll add it!

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