Our mission:  To build a strong and healthy community through running.

The Charlotte Running Club consists of passionate runners that strive to spread the love of running and to help each other grow. The Club's goal is to bring the expansive, diverse, and exciting Charlotte running community together under one umbrella through motivation, group runs, and social events. 

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Our club represents an incredibly diverse population, from lifelong competitive runners to couch-to-5k-ers and everyone in between. We all found running for different reasons and at different times in our lives, but we all now share a collective interest in making Charlotte a better place to run. Over the coming months and years, CRC is committed to helping to drive that transformation by connecting our members to:
  • Running Opportunities
    From fun runs to workouts to races, we help connect runners to events and activities for runners of all ages and abilities.
  • Social Opportunities
    You can't run all the time, so we provide fun and engaging opportunities for runners to socialize away from roads, tracks, and trails.
  • Community Involvement
    Whether we're volunteering at a local park, coaching and mentoring with community running organizations, or advocating for runner safety, we strive to help make Charlotte a better place to run.
We hope that you will join us on this journey. 

Membership Benefits
  • Club e-newsletter*
  • Weekly group runs
  • Discounts to local running specialty stores 
  • Team feel and camaraderie
  • Invitations to club social events.
  • Volunteer opportunities to help the club promote an active lifestyle through running.
  • Team competition opportunities
  • Membership Cards
  • Club Magnets
  • Discount for local races
  • Access to impromptu FaceBook run Groups
  • Access to club gear

*As part of our monthly e-newsletter, we pull race results and communicate your success to all our members.  In order for our results software to grab your results, we need the name you typically enter races as.  As an example, if folks call you Steve but you register as Stephen, please register with the club as Stephen.
Other information included in the newsletter is work out tips, race details, runners story. If you have some article or information that you would like us to include in our upcoming newsletters, please feel free to drop us an email as (please include Newsletter in the subject line)
    Membership Requirements
    • Complete the online membership application. 
    • Membership ends on Dec 31. 
    • Must be 12 years or older to be a member.

    Kids Club
    Under 12?  Check out the Kids section of our website and email them. 

    What CRC members say about us:
    “My running has improved much more than $20 worth since I've been a member and I've made a lot of new friends (at least some of whom are worth more than $20 to me). Ha! I'm in.”
    “20 bucks is a small price to pay for the community and support that CRC provides.”
    “Although I have not attended many of the social events, I have benefited from the shoe discounts, group runs (some of which provided water, gatorade) newsletters and support of other members. Appreciate you guys, i'm in!”
    “I will gladly pay $20 annually. CRC has done an exceptional job organizing and supporting runners in the Charlotte community. If fees are needed to keep the group alive and growing then I support this decision.”
    “We have some young, ambitious leaders of the club who really care about revitalizing the charlotte running community. Charlotte track and tri club once had that but they are just not as visible as they once were; they still do some great events (summer track series). I'm certainly in favor of the club dues and am confident that the board will use the funds to the benefit of all club members.”
    “Even with my limited participation this year I have easily gotten $20 worth of benefit. The newsletter alone is worth it. I really appreciate the time and effort the organizers put into the club.”
    “I can't put a price on all the great things the CRC does. My personal favorite is all the great friends I've made. I think the Board does an outstanding job. Thanks guys!”
    “I want to thank you guys for your hard work. Coming from Ny it was indeed a shock that the running community is so scattered. I miss the long training runs and support I got in NY. With this step I really feel like you are on the right track. Thank you.”
    “The Charlotte Running Club is sole reason I run period. Prior to joining the club in Summer 2009, I had no direction as a runner. The people of the Charlotte Running Club have helped me beyond measure.”
    “$20 is definitely worth it-definitely need to become more involved and take advantage of the benefits.”
    “I'd pay $50 but 20 works.... don't get any ideas....”

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