Thursday, October 9, 2014

Tether Team Test Run Recap

On Tuesday night, we held our first tether team test run. The evening went pretty much as I expected. There were more questions than I had good answers. I did my best to share all that I knew.

We had a good group of runners in attendance which really helped with the test run. We organized our team in the layout that I proposed to Guinness.

While we had a rather small group compared to what we will have on race day, I learned that we can start moving faster than I expected. We got down to 9:30 pace.

This is a lot faster than I want us to run on race day. To help control the pace for future test runs and on race day, I plan to be the point person on the front row to ensure the pace gets no faster than 10 minutes per mile.

I also plan to slow the team to a walk every ½ mile. Our lines became rather ragged during our test run. Slowing everyone to walk will give our line captains an opportunity to get everyone back in line. This allows them to check-in with their group runners to make sure they are all doing okay.

We finished the run by asking everyone to share their thoughts on how the evening went. Getting feedback from others is really important. They provide numerous other perspectives. Considering these perspectives ensures that I have as many bases covered on race day as possible.

I do want to extend my appreciate to everyone that came out. Also, I want to give Eric a big thank you for helping get our layout organized. 

Our tether team has plenty of room for more members. Don't be on the fence here. Please sign up. 

Details about our Tether Team can be found on our Facebook page.

To join our Tether Team – just email:

Our next Tether Team test run will be 11/1/14 at the Fleet Feet in Huntersville at 2pm.

Come help me bring a Guinness World Record to Charlotte,

Bill Shires

Charlotte Running Club President

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