Wednesday, September 10, 2014

CRC Mileage Program - August 2014

Congratulations to all of you reaching new milestones in August.  Marathon training is in full swing for many of you and it shows as our total program mileage is creeping back up.  Keep up the awesome work and good luck to all of you!  August results are in.  Click here to see a complete listing of participants that submitted their miles.  Milestone achievers are in order of total miles run in 2014. 
"Life (and running) is not all about time but about our experiences along the way."
                                                --Jen Rhines
Joe Schlereth
Bill Shires
Megan Hovis
Caitlin Bullock
Walt Guyer
Caleb Boyd

 Mike Mitchell
Graham Shorr
Paul Mainwaring
Mark McGeough
Dave Munger
Mark Ulrich
Brad Farmer
Rob Ducsay
Daniel Matena
Dennis Livesay
Tom Torkildsen
Danielle Crockford
Allen Strickland
Mike Moran
Stan Austin
Wendy Norvell
Chad Crockford
Jimmy Moore
Billy Shue
Carolyn Yang
Butch Holt
Dianne Allen
Laura Gray
Gary Rautenstrauch
Keith Reynolds
Dean Otto
Ben Hovis
Bob Nelson
Michelle Seymour
Taiza Rivera
Valeria Matena
John Compton
Hunter Fleshood
Anne Marie Church
Chad Champion
William Weimer
Flavia Asar
Joey Church
Mike Slaney
Paul Reinfeld
Michael Miller
Dan Keller
Keli Fayard
Mark Cullen
Matt Miller
Allie Brown
Lana Torkildsen
Dave Edwards
Audrey Ashkin
Ralph Shore
Kathy Earle
David Huss
Melinda Law
Paula VanTassell
David Potter
Steve Tant
Jeannette Pantani 
You can join anytime during the year by emailing your monthly miles to  If you have any questions or mileage corrections to report please send an email to

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