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April Letter from the CRC President

Sadly, I am here to report that we are losing another prominent member and CRC Boardie from our club. Stephanie Wagner and her husband moved to Charlottesville, Va. the last full week of April. Stephanie came on to the CRC board in 2013, accepted the role as our club’s VP, and has been constant force in helping us keep CRC moving forward. Her work ethic and council will be sorely missed here in Charlotte, but one thing is for certain, the Charlottesville Running Club will be getting one heck of a new member.


Upcoming CRC Activities and Events:

Our board is working hard to have a CRC presence all over Charlotte this year.

·         5/1/14 Adventure Run @ TrySports South Park 6PM

·         5/6/14 All Around Miler Track/Dirt/Road Mile 6:30/6:45/7:00 UNCC Track

·         5/8/14 CRC's 5 Year Birthday Group Run @ Triple C Brewery 6:30 PM (Thursday night)  and 400 Meter Sprint at 7:15

·         6/14/14 CRC Summer Picnic June (Freedom Park – Shelter #6) 11-3pm - 6/14/14 (Saturday)

·         Tour de Charlotte Group Run Series

·         Brain Freeze Run

·         CRC Summer Track - July/Aug dates TBD

·         Uptown Throwdown 12hr Run Oct 10/4/14

·         CRC/Run Safer Clinic Oct

·         Holiday Lights Run - Dec


Scrambled Egg Run:

We held our 2nd annual Scrambled Egg Run on 4/13/2014. Again this year, this event took place at McAlpine Park on a Sunday afternoon. Conditions could not have been much better. Everyone got a chance to meet and greet. Along the way, the kids enjoyed their Easter Egg run/hunt around the lake while the adults look in much of the regular McAlpine 5k course. Afterwards there was plenty of candy, drinks, and pizza available. The winners received Easter Baskets and most everyone got one of the many door prizes.   

CRC’s 5 year Birthday:

Hopefully, you can find the time to run with us at our club's birthday group run. This year, it will be at the Triple C Brewery on 5/8/14 at 6:30 PMs. Everyone one is welcome so come enjoy a run and piece of CRC’s Birthday cake.

Adventure Run

On 4/3/2014 we put up our CRC Banner at the adventure runs organized by the TrySports at the Blakeney and South Park locations. CRC donated a free membership and race entry to be used among the prizes.  Their next run adventure run will go off on May 1st and we will be at the South Park location

CRC All Around Miler:

The days are counting down until we hold our CRC All Around Miler event on 5/6/14 at UNCC Irwin Belk Track. Track mile begins at 6:30 PM, Dirt mile begins at 6:45, and Asphalt mile begins at 7 PM. Awards will be given to the first M/F overall, masters, grand masters, and senior grand masters.  Age group awards will be given 3 deep running from 15 to 70.

Registration is here.          

Race Day Registration opens at 5:30 at UNCC Irwin Belk Track.

The club member’s registration fee is $10 and for non members, it is $15.

If you need to get in some mile repeats, this is an excellent opportunity for you.

Mileage Program:

Audrey has tabulated the March results for our club and posted it to our CRC  website.

 You can still join our mileage program by replying to Audrey’s monthly email. If for some reason, you don’t receive it, you can still email Audrey at

Member Status:

Our club grew again this month. We are up to 285 members.

New Board Member:

I am pleased to announce that Loril Gossett has accepted our offer to fill our open CRC board position. Pursuit with our CRC bylaws, I will nominate Loril for the open position at our May meeting and the entire board will vote on her approval to this position.


CRC Boston:

I would like to congratulate our club’s Boston marathon runners on their fantastic efforts. I would also like to congratulate our Women’s Boston marathon team on their 8th place position in the Boston Open Women’s Team category out of 72 teams. Our open men’s team finished 20th out of 83 teams. Our Men’s Masters team finished 60th out of 92 teams and our women’s Masters team finished 41st out of 66 teams.  

Below is a listing of the CRC finishers: finish position, name, net time, gun time.

·          210               » Compton, John (USA)                   2:36:03      2:36:28

·          410               » Shue, Billy (USA)      2:41:45      2:42:12

·          477               » Crockford, Chad (USA)                 2:43:07      2:43:26

·          571               » Myers, Josh (USA)   2:44:41      2:45:06

·          647               » Mitchell, Michael (USA)             2:45:57      2:46:21

·          649               » Matena, Daniel (AUS)                   2:45:57      2:46:21

·          807               » Guyer, Walt (USA)  2:48:14      2:48:47

·          1729            » Kennedy, Scott (USA)                   2:56:45      2:57:31

·          2606            » Fillnow, Kelly (USA)                       3:01:32      3:02:10

·          2660            » Fillnow, Meghan (USA)                3:01:52      3:02:31

·          2723            » Boyd, Caleb (USA)   3:02:14      3:02:48

·          3059            » Venhuizen, Clayton (USA)         3:04:06      3:07:16

·          3345            » Bell, Melissa (USA) 3:05:46      3:11:28

·          4008            » Mayes, Adam (USA)                        3:09:22      3:09:22

·          4055            » Brinkley, David (USA)                   3:09:36      3:12:50

·          4153            » Ulrich, Mark (USA)  3:10:03      3:15:17

·          4574            » Yang, Carolyn (USA)                       3:12:08      3:13:14

·          5399            » Norvell, Wendy (USA)                  3:15:33      3:17:17

·          5674            » Donlan, Anna (USA)                       3:16:56      3:17:35

·          6041            » Matena, Valerie (USA)                 3:18:29      3:21:11

·          8146            » Strickland, Allen (USA)                3:26:16      3:29:42

·          8147            » Jaskot, Matthew (USA)                3:26:16      3:29:42

·          8357            » Ducsay, Rob (USA)  3:26:58      3:27:13

·          10194         » Przybyla, Julie (USA)                     3:32:55      3:34:24

·          11107         » Howard, Katie (USA)                     3:35:56      3:46:07

·          13747         » Guimont, Elise (USA)                    3:44:30      3:54:41

·          14896         » Gray, Laura (USA)    3:48:34      3:59:49

·          15078         » Livesay, Dennis (USA)                   3:49:15      3:52:27

·          15094         » Rubinich, Deb (USA)                     3:49:22      3:51:45

·          15502         » Russo, Kathleen (USA)                 3:50:49      3:55:06

·          17252         » Aswell, Bobby (USA)                      3:56:58      4:01:29

·          17658         » Anetrini, Adrienne (USA)           3:58:25      4:09:41

·          18119         » Remes, Johanna (USA)                 4:00:11      4:02:15

·          18716         » Dodge, Jamie (USA)                       4:03:09      4:10:14

·          18922         » Tapp, Hazel (USA)    4:04:10      4:07:37

·          20015         » Hansen, Emily (USA)                      4:09:58      4:11:08

·          20431         » Balletta, Peter (USA)                    4:12:02      4:15:05

·          24717         » Allen, Dianne (USA)                       4:39:31      4:44:12

CRC March Madness Basketball Challenge:

I would like to thank everyone who participated in this year’s CRC March Madness Basketball Challenge. Mike will be contacting the winners to arrange for them to receive their awards.

CRC Membership shirts and cards:

By now, everyone should have received or will be receiving their membership shirt and card though the USPS. I apologize for the delay. Shipping the shirts and cards is a major expense to our club. To curb the overall cost, we tried arranging for pickups. Then, we tried to hand deliver as many as possible via the board members. Over the last few weeks I packaged up the shirts and cards to the remaining members and shipped them out.

The cost was nearly $500 dollars to our club.  

Team Category – RFYL Signature Series:

We had 6 awards from the first two RFYL life races: 2 pairs of shoes, 2 shirts, and 2 x $25 dollar awards. The shoes were given away via our FaceBook page in early April because the certificates needed to be redeemed on 4/10. We gave the shirts away at our Scrambled Egg Run on 4/13. The remaining 2 x $25 dollar awards were given away during the third week of April on our CRC Facebook page.

When we win awards like these examples, we make certain to give them back to our members. Most often, this will be done via the CRC Facebook page. We always try to announce the contest ahead of time.

Board Meeting Update:

Again this month we met at the Whole Foods in South Park. Six of the ten board members were present Bill, Paul, Stephanie, Eric, Wendy, and Rob.

The March board meeting minutes did get posted for board review so I volunteered to post them later this same evening.

Paul gave update on the club’s income, expenditures, and current account balance – see the meeting minutes for details on the amounts.

We discussed the open board position and possible candidates. I am currently reaching out to those candidates about the position.

We are pretty close to be set for the CRC All Around Miler race. I just have to sync up with Ed at UNCC about where to run the dirt mile. I plan to do this next week.

We have decided to sync up our CRC Birthday Run with the regular Triple C Brewery run. I have reached out the Allen and Laura to make sure there are no conflicts.

We discussed the April Adventure run at TrySports. We left it open during the meeting if we were going to participate again for the May events.

Eric gave us an update on the CRC April Challenge. Participation was not at the levels that he would like. He is looking at different options for May. He plans to put something together for our May newsletter so the “word” gets spread across the club. He still has to distribute the gift cards to the winners of Feb challenge. Bill will be providing him with the cards.

Wendy, Eric, and Billy plan to meet about the “Tour de Charlotte” to work out dates, times, and locations.

We also discussed the gear that we received via BSN Sports gear store. The gear came out different than we expected so we are looking at ways that we improve this process.


Meeting Location: Whole Foods South Park

Date and Time: 4/24/14 6:30 PM - Board Meeting

Board Agenda:

·         Approval of previous month's meetings

·         Treasury report

·         Nominee for vacant board position and new VP – Group Discussion

·         All Around Miler Series (UNCC Track - all events one evening) - Bill

·         CRC Birthday Run –

·         Adventure Run – Attendees for each location

·         CRC April Challenge - Eric

·         Tour de Charlotte - Eric, Wendy, Billy, & Stephanie – status

Minutes from the 4/27/14 meeting can be found here.



Wrapping Up:

They say April showers bring May flowers. Personally, I believe April showers help clear away the April pollen. Also I wish those same showers could clear way the gazillion inch worms this time of year. When I finish my runs, I seem to be covered in them.    

If there is every a question, a concern, or just general feedback about our club, reach out to Our board members monitor this email inbox and usually respond to emails within 24 hours. 


Come run with me,

Bill Shires

CRC President





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