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November Letter from the CRC President

Dear CRC Member,
I spent several hours writing my lead in for this letter and then promptly just deleted all of it. This is something that I do more often than I care to admit. Writing it the first time forces me to organize my thoughts. By deleting it, this just helps me write it better the second time.

On November 16, I had the privilege to join a host of our CRC members supporting our local Thunder Road marathon. Based on my personal observations and the feedback from others, this year was perhaps the best supported Thunder Road marathon in memory.

Supporting a marathon is not easy. Unlike a 5k or a 10k, Marathons usually cover a wide area and getting from point A to point B can range from being difficult to nearly impossible. Then, there is a time factor. Forty-five minutes to one hour will get most runners to the finish line in a 5k. To really support a marathon, people have to be willing to dedicate a six or seven hour block of time.

I speak from experience because I was out early in Saturday morning helping setup and then cheer at the TrySports 9.5 mile cheer station. Then, I rode my bike across town to our CRC cheer station off of Central Avenue.

This was our first year owning an official cheer zone along the Thunder Road marathon. As President I feel it is part of my role to gather a list of what we did well and what we need to work on because I want us to be back next year. I want our club to have an even better Thunder Road cheer station. I want runners to look forward to seeing our CRC Banner hanging on the course and know that we are sending so must positive energy their way.

Like I said, I have started my list, but I could really use everyone’s help.   Let me know of both positive and negative aspects of your experience. Email our club at They will get forwarded to me. 

Upcoming CRC Events:

Here is the list of CRC fall events. Please make an effort to come out and participate in at least one event.

·         12/7/13 CRC Annual Meeting Triple C Brewery Company  - 1pm– new board members announced, yearly recap, and plans for ‘14

·         12/8/13 Holiday Lights Run - Freedom Park - Gravel Parking lot. Hot Chocolate and Chocolate Chip cookies will be available for everyone (Run starts at 6pm – meeting between 5 and 5:30).

·         12/11/13 Board Meeting  Dowd Y 6:30 PM

·         12/15/13 SLR and CRC Fund Raiser (Ugly Sweater Run 2.0) at McMullen Greenway. This event is being lead by CRC members: Chuck and Cora Player

·         1/26/14 CRC Winter Classic 8k 2pm start time. Same fast course at McAlpine Greenway off Monroe Rd

Sunday Social/Runs:

Stephanie and I talked about the Sunday group runs and felt it would be good to take a break from them for a while. With the holiday season upon us, we recognize that our members are traveling more and a Sunday evening run just does not work well for them.

We planned to bring back these runs in the New Year once things settle down.

Club Gear:

Our gear from the club’s online store is ready for pickup. Please drop by the Greylyn Business Park (next to McAlpine Park main entrance) - 9313 Monroe Road Suite H for the pickup. Office hours are from 8:30-5:00, Monday-Friday starting next week.

Holiday Lights Run

On Sunday December 8th at 5:30 PM we will be meeting at the gravel parking lot across from the Freedom Park off of East Blvd.

Once everyone has gathered, we will snap a few pictures, and then let everyone enjoy a run through the local neighborhoods known for excellent light displays. The run should start by 6pm and covers about four to five miles.

Returning runners will be greeted with Hot Chocolate, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and of course water. 

Printed course directions for the run will be given to the runners before starting.

Thunder Road Cheer Zone:

 I would like to thank Rob and Caitlin for organizing our club’s cheer zone for the Thunder Road Marathon. Caitlin got the ball rolling early and Rob jumped on board to help. Seeing this kind of participation makes me appreciate their help all the more.

I was excited to see so many members, some even bringing friends, to help our cheer zone on marathon day. I have to doubly thank those members that ran the half marathon and then came out to help support our cheer station. To me, this is going up above and beyond to show your CRC spirit. Even thou, I realize that they were cold, tired, and ready to recovery for the rest of the day. This is the kind of support that shows just what type of members that our club has.

To each of you, please know that I really appreciate you for taking time out of your day help show your support of our club’s cheer zone and the Thunder Road Marathon. 


Winter Classic 8k and Resolution Series:

Everyone should be aware by now that our Winter Classic 8k registration is currently open. Please register early and encourage your friends to register.  We are giving members a discounted registration price of $20 dollars so sign up now.

Also I wanted to let you know that we have a new team category this year so get five of your buddies together and sign up.

Winter Classic 8k information is available here.  

I am also proud to announce that our Winter Classic 8k race will join the Resolution Series of races this coming year. Our race will join the Joe Davis Resolution Run on 1/4/14, The Village 10k on 2/1/14, the Charlotte 10 miler on 2/22/14 and finally, the RaceFest half marathon on 4/12/14. More information about the series can be found here.  


Nonprofit Status:

We continue to await an IRS agent to be assigned to our case. In the mean time, I have written an extended summary of on our club’s website. I am happy to have a side bar conversation and answer any questions. 


Runner Friendly City Initiative:

The RRCA submission process for Runner Friendly City application was the first of November. Being that we only started talking about applying for this status a month ago and the amount of effort required in obtaining all of the necessary information and signatures; I felt this just was not possible to do at this time.

The best course of action for now is to put this effort on hold until the first of January. This just makes the most sense given the availability of individuals to help and the current time of year.

So what are we doing now? Well, I am actively recruiting individuals to be on this team. We are hoping to have 10 to 12 people to be involved and to have our kick off meeting sometime during January of ’14.


Board Elections:

Our board election has concluded and the top four candidates will be announced during our annual club meeting at Triple C Brewery 12/7/13 at 1pm. Please thank each of these candidates for being so willing to step forward and serve. As a current board member and President, I cannot express how appreciative that I am to see this occurring.  

’14 CRC Board of Directors Candidates

·         Laurie Knowles

·         Todd Mayes

·         Paul Mainwaring

·         Melinda Law

·         Eric Bilbrey

·         Lee Neitzel

·         Billy Shue

·         Wen Norvell

·         Joey Church

·         Brad Belfiore

Huntersville Holiday Half Marathon Course Preview Run Recap:

Two weeks and two course preview runs are in the now book. Both weeks saw a number of runners take to the road and get familiar with the course.

Please thanks Bear for marking the course with double red arrows and Mike Beigay for leading our groups runs.

CRC invades NoDa for a Group Run Recap

We had a great crowd of CRCers turn out at the NoDa Group run on 11/6/13. I cannot thank everyone enough for coming to run and/or talk running. I cannot think of a better way to spend an evening and talking about Charlotte Running Club. 

Really appreciate some of the perspective board members for coming out: Eric, Brad, Lee, Melinda. I would also like to thank our current board members for attending: Ben, Billy, Jessica, Rob, Stephanie, Katie, and Laurie.

From the Winter Classic 8k (WC8K) Race committee, we had Steve and Lori. I would also like to commend Lori for her work with (WC8K).  She has put together some awesome signage and has been working tireless to help prompt our club’s race.

Member Referrals:

We had a couple of more referrals for November. Remember, each referral gets you a gift card to Inside Out Sports (** while supplies last **)

CRC Membership shirt:

Everyone renewing their CRC membership before 1/1/14 may pick up their CRC membership shirt at the Winter Classic 8k.  This will give you a chance to wear your club gear after the race for a CRC group picture.

Running Warehouse discount code:

Our old Running Warehouse discount code made its way on to the internet and was being used by more than just CRC members. Running Warehouse noticed this uptick in club purchases and has since changed out discount code. We will no longer be able to post the discount code on our website but members needing the code can request it by emailing our club’s .

Going forward, please don’t share the code publicly. Running Warehouse can pull our club’s discount permanently if the code gets abused by non members. 


RRCA Membership Renewal:

Once again we will be renewing our membership into RRCA. A check will be sent to them during the month of December. The cost for this membership is expensive to the tune of $1500 dollars. Most members may not realize but we do need this membership because it provides our club with liability insurance. It covers us during our group runs and socials but more importantly, this insurance covers us for our major events like the WC8K, Track Series, and Club’s relay race. Without, we would not be allowed to Park and Rec’s facilitates.  

If you have ever wondered where your members dues go, between our RRCA membership and club socials consume the bulk of it.

Board Meeting Update:

This month’s board meeting had a full agenda. We covered our non-profit status, board elections status, member referral status, RRCA renewal status, membership renewal email status, RRCA Runner Friendly Initiative status, WC8K Status, Mileage Program Status, CRC Online Store status, Annual meeting date/time/location status. 

Feel free to contact me if anyone needs additional details.

Minutes from the October meeting can be found here.

Board Meetings:

Our annual club meeting will be held at 1 PM on the 7th of December.  Triple C Brewery Company will host our meeting and has graciously volunteered their large conference for the meeting. As we get closer, I will post reminders on our FaceBook, Twitter, and pages. During this meeting our ’14 elected club officers will be announced, and I will recap ’13 and talk about our plans for ’14.

Our ’14 board will meet on December 11th at 6:30 at the Dowd Y. The first order of business will be to nominate and approve the two at-large board member and then to elect club officers for the ’14 year.

Wrapping Up:

The Charlotte Running Club is a group of like minded individuals that have a passion for running. I realize that I do not know each of you personally, but still we all share a common trait. We love running and the feeling that comes from it. This is what bonds us together.

This is the time of year where we should all be thankful. I am thankful to be a part of this club. By being a member I have made a whole lot of new friends that share my passion. I sincerely hope everyone else feels the same way. 

This always deserves repeating. If there is ever a question, concern, or just some general feedback on what the club is doing, please email it to Our Gmail account is monitored daily and emails will be directed to me. The other option is seeing me personally. I run all over Charlotte and am always willing and want to listen to our member’s concerns.


Remember Running is important but Family is more important so spend some extra time with them this time of year,

Bill Shires

CRC President


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