Thursday, October 3, 2013

CRC Board of Directors Elections

We are now in our CRC nomination period so I wanted to take a moment and make sure every club member fully understands what is occurring.

Board Makeup:

Our CRC Board of Directors (BOD) is made up of ten club members:  eight elected members and two members chosen from the at large membership. The elected positions are for two year terms and the at large positions are for a one year term.

Of the eight elected positions four of those positions are up for election each year. This means at most the CRC BOD will have four returning BOD members and at most six new BOD members. This allows a certain level of continuity between each elected board from year to year.  

Current Board Members:

In ’12, Bill Shires, Mike Beigay, Rob Ducsay, and Stephanie York were elected to the CRC Board for a two year term. The returning board members are Aaron Linz (now Jessica Bilbrey), Caitlin Bullock (now Laurie Knowles), Billy Shue, and Ben Hovis. The at large members selected for '13 are Jon Halter and Jaime McDonald (now Katie Howard).

The board positions held by Ben, Billy, Jessica, and Laurie are up for election this term. 

Board Nomination Period:

Between Oct. 1st and Oct 27th any CRC member may nominate their self or another member in CRC to be on the board. To nominate a member, they must send an email to and provide the name of the person being nominated.

Being nominated does not mean someone has to run. There is a time and effort commitment to being on the CRC BOD. Therefore, I will reach out to each nominated individual and ask if he/she is willing to run for a board position. Only those accepting their nomination will be listed on the CRC voting ballot in November.

Candidate Spotlight Period:

Between the 27th and the 31st of Oct, I will ask each nominated individual to share a little about their self with the rest of the club via blog. This gives the rest of the membership a chance to learn more about the individuals that they will be asking to lead CRC into ’14 and beyond.

Board Election Period:

On Nov 1st, an email will be distributed to the club membership with names of the candidates running for the board. Again, this year we will use survey monkey to do our voting. Voting will culminate on Nov 23rd and the results will be announced during our December annual meeting the first of the month.

Once the elections are announced those eight members will meet and select the two at large members. Then, the full board will meet in the middle of December to elect new BOD officers for ‘14.


If anyone needs more information about the election process, email


Be an active member,

Bill Shires

CRC President


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