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CRC June Letter from the President

Some months I land on the topic of the month early and knock it out with in the first two weeks of the month. Then, there are months like this one. I am just days away from the end of the month, and I am still not sure what I will be topic of my writing.

Fortunately, through a sequence of events an excellent topic dropped right into my hands. Early in the week, I got a FaceBook message from a member asking if I could post something for a friend of his raising money as part of a run across Africa.

Our CRC FaceBook page serves to share information that our members might find of interest. His request was no different so I posted it. Then, less than a day later I got another FaceBook message from a different member asking if I was going to post every request coming to the club.

As I thought more about it, I could see her point. If every member came with a request, yeah, I see it getting a little overwhelming. Luckily, I have not been inundated with a multitude of requests. She then went to say that if I were going to be posting then she had an item that she would like to see posted to our club’s FaceBook page.

Like I said earlier, our CRC FaceBook page sole point is for the sharing of information with our members. Our only other option would be sending multiple mass emails. I found this a less palatable solution.

I probably sent a longer response that she expected, but just like the first member, I told her to send me her information. I would be happy to post it. I trust that each member will vet the information before making their request, and members utilizing the information will do their own vetting of the information in the post.

Just so everyone knows, our members also have the option of posting to our FaceBook page. We don’t lock it down and in fact, we encourage members to be active on our FaceBook page. 

CRC Summer Social:

We rocked out Summer CRC Social at Freedom Park on June 22nd. There is definitely something to be said about getting together and sharing stories along with having some fun.  This was definitely the order of the day. I would like to especially thank those that helped us setup and then tear down afterwards. Big thanks to Rob for bringing his grill and being the head chef and to Jen for organizing the kid’s activities. Rob can definitely cook some good hot dogs and hamburgers. Appreciate Mike putting together all of the magnets and membership cards for distribution.

Lastly, I only played a few games of “Corn Hole” but I think my shoulder was sore for days. After all, running doesn’t use a lot of shoulder and arm muscles. I also learned that we have some really good “Corn Hole” players in this club.


CPR Training:

Our CRC CPR training kicked with the opening of the online course the first two weeks of June. This was followed with 2 practical sessions during the third week of June. I attended the second session and passed my practical test to receive my CPR certification. 

Years had passed since I last took a CPR course, but after watching the events occur in Boston, something clicked for me. If a situation ever occurs, I want to be prepared, and I would hope each member of our club feels similarly. None of us know what tomorrow holds and we should all be as prepared as possible.

Tony Benz setup our course and led the practical sessions. He was very knowledge and answered my numerous questions during the process. I would certainly recommend him. His contact info is as follows:

·         Tony M. Benz, MHSc, LAT, ATC

·         Regional Director of Sports Medicine

·         Select Physical Therapy

·         NC, Upstate SC& AZ

·         704.564.6381-NC/SC

·         480.585.0223-AZ



Cards and Magnets:

Magnets and Cards have arrived. Mike was distributing them during the social and the rest will go out shortly to our members. They will be sent to the address listed in our membership database. If this isn’t correct, email us ASAP at

One additional note, the Charlotte Running Company discount is not on the card, but it does display on our club’s website. When we roll out the ’14 card, the Charlotte Running Company discount will be listed. If there are any questions about the discounts, we always keep our website up to date. Use the QR code on the membership card to pull up the CRC website with the discounts.

CRC predict your time run:

I am personally glued to my Garmin. I hardly ever go out the door without it strapped to my wrist. I gain comfort in knowing how fast that I am running and how far that I have been running.

Take off my Garmin and I feel like a fish out of water.

But this is exactly what I am going to ask our members to do on 7/25/13. I am going to ask them to leave their favorite timing device is at home.

Come run a course 5k course at the TrySports South Park. Predict your time before the run starts. The closest male and female runner to their time without going under gets a “CRC Hat”.

The run starts at 6:15 PM from the front of the store. I’ll be there with maps of the course so everyone knows the route and to answer any last minute questions.

 Click here for more information.

Summer Track Series:

We have set the dates for the Summer Track Series 7/27, 8/3, 8/10, and 8/17 at the Providence Day Track. These will be Saturday mornings. Providence Day recently resurfaced the track so with the new surface it is fantastic for running. Remember the awards will be age graded and will be Inside Out gift cards to the winners.

Check out the following post for more information and a link to the track meet registration. Click here.

CRC Brain Freeze 5k Group Run:

Summers are hot in the Carolinas so anything that cools me off is a good thing. On July 21st at 4pm at the Metropolitan CRC will be holding the CRC Brain Freeze 5k group run. Members, friends, and family are welcome run or walk. The course heads toward Freedom Park. At the 1, 2, and 3 mile points, there will be Popsicles for runners to consume.

Come out and enjoy a Sunday afternoon with your fellow club members and cool off with a Popsicle or two or three.

Mileage Program:

At the end of each month, each of us gets an email reminder from Audrey about the club’s mileage program.  I like to think that I did a decent job with the mileage program last year, but when I look at what Audrey has been doing, I am in awe. She has taken this program to an entirely new level. I am very appreciative of her efforts. If there ever was a role model for leading by example, Audrey is it. So please join me in thanking her for her efforts.  

IRS Status:

Our efforts on the filing of the IRS Form 1023 continue. Billy has transferred the document updates to me, and I will be completing over the next two weeks. My plan has is by the end of this month to have this Form 1023 reviewed internally to the club and the sent to IRS.

CRC Shirt and Singlet Sales:

CRC Shirts and Singlets are available for $15 including shipping. Supplies are limited so check out the website to purchase your shirt or singlet by clicking here. I would also like to send a special thanks to Jessica for taking ownership of our gear sales and the distribution of member orders. There is a lot more work that anyone really realizes. 

CRC Meeting Update for June

On 27th of June, we had our monthly club meeting in the common area at the Dowd YMCA. Our agenda was little shorter this month. The main items discussed were the Track Series, IRS Tax Filing Status, Club Budget Status, Treasury Report, and the planning of the club’s midyear board meeting.  

I have said this many times before, but our club meetings are open to the entire CRC membership. Come attend one of our monthly meetings.  

Please accept my apologies for the tardiness of the May meeting notes.  They came out a little later than expected. Click here for the notes.

If there are ever any comments, questions, inquiries, or concerns, please email Our board members monitor this email inbox and try to respond within 24 hours.


Best in Running and thank you for being a CRC member,

Bill Shires

CRC President

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