Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Be an Active Member – Race Volunteers

CRC Member,
The racing calendar is filling up over the next couple of months, and race directors are looking for help with their races.

We all have busy lives, and I thought the best way to handle these requests is to provide a list of the races with links to their volunteer pages or email contacts. You can then look for races where you would like to help and close to where you live. This way you can find one that best fits your life schedule.

The time commitment is usually only 2 to 3 hours on Saturday morning. I have found that the life experience resulting from these efforts is well worth the time spent on it.

I encourage each of you to volunteer for at least one race or community service activity this year. Your event doesn’t have to be from our list. If you find an event in your area, feel free to volunteer. When you complete your service, email me at run.charlotte@gmail.com with your name, race/community event name, and date. We will give you recognition for you efforts on our new volunteer's blog page that we are in the process of creating. Also, if you do more than one, just keep emailing in your efforts. We will keep adding them. 

Below is a list of sources who have contacted me and asked for volunteer help this spring.

·         Tarheel Trail Building and Maintenance

·         Charlotte 10 and 4 miler – Feb 23

·         Kings Mountain Marathon – April 27

·         Skyline 5k – April 27

·         Joggin’ for Jugs – April 27

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