Friday, January 4, 2013

CRC "Pilot" Mileage Program presented by TrySports - Dec. Summary

Well, we have wrapped up the CRC “Pilot” Mileage Program presented by TrySports for the year ’12.
To give you some numbers, our club has about 500 members. Of those 500 members, we had 141 members of the club participating in our Mileage Program. Of the 141, we had 71 or just better than 50% reach their 1000 mile goal. When you think about it, this is an awesome achievement by our club.
Furthermore, those 141 club members ran a total of 168,217.7 miles. The distance between the earth and moon is 238,857 miles. Collectively our participating members ran over half way to the moon.
If you want it represented by something a little closer to home, our mileage program’s cumulative mileage would have taken us around the world 6.75 times. This is simply an amazing effort when you stop to think about it.
Back to the mileage totals for the month of December, we had 5 individuals run their 1000th mile this month. Those individuals were:
·         Lana Torkildsen
·         Mike Taylor
·         Jason Benoit
·         Tom Ricks
·         Jocelyn Sikora
The full year summary can be found here.
Awards: We will be presenting awards to those reaching their 1000 mile goal this Sunday night 1/12/2013 @ TrySports South Park from 6 – 8 PM. Please plan to come by the store so you can meet and greet your fellow club members. Also, this will give me a chance to meet many of you that I have only corresponded with via email.
Mileage Program ’13 edition, we are working this effort but a decision will not be known until the club’s BOD meets on Jan. 31st 2013. Our hope is to have it return for this year.
For all questions, please send them to
Bill Shires
Charlotte Running Club President.

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