Friday, December 28, 2012

Letter from the CRC President - December '12

I have been the CRC President for a little under 3 weeks now and I am learning that there is more to this job and then the average joe suspects.

But I am slowly but surely getting my hands around it.

’12 saw myself being voted on to the CRC Board of Directors and I will freely admit; my start was rocky. At least 6, 7, or 8 months passed before I really felt like I was starting to contribute. I knew I was trying but I just couldn’t put my finger it. Then, things just started to click.

I found that I was putting more time in to the club and enjoy the effort. The fall came and I felt like I was willing and wanting to contribute another 2 years to our Charlotte Running Club so I chose to run for our club’s board again. And again our club members put their faith in me to make good decisions on behalf of our club.

When Aaron decided to step aside as President of the club, I felt like it was the time to take the next step up. Watching someone else handle the responsibility for directing an organization is easy. Taking a leadership role and handling the responsibility that comes with it isn’t so easy.

One might think “Oh, it just a running club. How hard could it be?”, but this club has a lot going on from handling member issues, to members requesting help with training, to gear sales, to request for volunteers at races, to organizing, tracking, and publishing of group runs, to organizing our own 8k race. And, this is just the tip of the iceberg that my hands are slowing getting around.
But one of the acts that I am most proud to have accomplished in my short time as CRC President is bringing the RRCA -NC XC 8k State Championship to Charlotte, NC. To my knowledge, there are no other state championship in the Charlotte area and have been none for a number of years. By being designated a state championship, this puts a spot light on our club, the running community as whole, and the city of Charlotte. Our club will be the one leading the way as runners from across the state make their way to Charlotte for our Winter Classic 8k race. This is why I am asking each and every member of our club to either run the race or volunteer for our race. Success of our club and the Winter Classic 8k race is measured solely by the participation of our members.
Days are counting down '12 with just a few left.

New Years is a time for resolutions and I am making my first CRC resolution right here. As President of our club, I feel it is important that every member has knows what the club is doing and where it is going. This is why my CRC New Year’s resolution is to each month write a letter from the President post on our blog site. Each of these posts will give me the chance to share what we accomplished for the current month, much like I have done here, and what we are working on for the coming months.

My second resolution is to continue our “open door” policy. Any member or not member with a question or concern about the club or the actions of the club can email me at This is the club’s email box and our board of directors monitors it daily.  

Enjoy your holidays,


Best in Running

CRC President


  1. This is great! Thanks Bill!
    -Steph York

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