Thursday, October 4, 2012

CRC “Pilot” Mileage Program presented by TrySports – Sept Summary

Summer is over. Fall is here and it seems like just yesterday that we started our "pilot" mileage program presented by TrySports. The reality is that 9 months have passed since that time. And the time left to reach a 1000 miles is slowly slipping away by the day. We have three more solid months left in this year and I don't want to see anyone give up trying to reach their 1000 mile goal. You can do it.

This month we had a new group of hard working souls that reached their 1000 mile goal. These individuals are: Val Matena, Tim Baucom, Sommer Baucom, Lauren Tilton, Jamaar Valentine, Jade Laughlin, Carl Patty, and Brian Baum. Congradulations to you guys for a job well done.

The month I have had to change things up a bit. Because the list of runners got longer and we have more months, I can no longer put the summary on a single web page nicely. Therefore, I converted the results to a pdf and posted them to the run.miles.charlotte "drive" on google. They are shared for everyone to see.

You can see the summary list by clicking here.

As with each of the previous months, please review the updates. Any omissions or errors that are found can be reported to

Thank you for your time and willingness to be a part of this great Charlotte Running Club.

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