Wednesday, July 25, 2012

7 Reasons To Join Charlotte Running Club!

The Charlotte Running Club only charges $20 a year! It’s a steal. Couples can join the club for just $30. Your membership fee allows us to have insurance, provide food and drinks and runs and have free socials for all members. What do you get? 

Membership Benefits: 

1. Inexpensive ($20 for a year?!) 

2. Our comprehensive newsletter! 
Jam packed with articles, training advice, coupons and results.

3. Discounts at most local specialty running stores!
Check the sidebar to the right -> 

4. Free Social Events 
Venues often require a steep upfront fee which is why we have had to collect at the door for many events; that will no longer be the case. Free Food!

5. Marathon/Half-Marathon Database 
Where else can you find a list of who locally is running virtually every marathon in the United States? 

6. Gatorade, Gu and other support on group runs! 

7. Cool factor (Seriously... No other running club in Charlotte is this cool) 

With the registration fee, we will continue to expand on all these great benefits you are already getting! 

Now that we mentioned our top 7 reasons, add YOUR reasons in the comments below!!!

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