Monday, March 5, 2012

Tracking the Board

On February 23, your Board of Directors met to discuss current affairs affecting the club and more for the near future. The monthly meeting was held at the Dowd Y, and we even had a special guest visitor for an important topic. While there were good times and lots of opinions, when we get down to business, we want you to know what we're working on for you.

From the beginning of the year, we discussed what we can do to work on our membership renewals. Notably, the Winter Classic 8k benefited membership and increased club funds by almost 13%. The club recognizes that one significant part of our respectable RRCA membership is the newsletter. While Caitlin has done great work, the board70 recognizes that it is a lot of work for one individual to edit the whole newsletter. We have committed to finding others committed to producing a quality newsletter.

As staying motivated is a key tenant of the club's mission, last month, we introducted the CRC Pilot Mileage Program sponsored by Try Sports. While more and more members are voluntarily involved we discussed a potential quarterly group run for the mileage program based around Try Sports and the program. In lieu of the volunteer program we covered our volunteer involvement for the Corporate Cup Previews and the continual need for course monitors for upcoming races such as Corporate Cup.

For the camaraderie that we all love, the sub-committee for social affairs laid out more developments for the year's social calendar. For the more urgently approaching, Emily presented tentative plans for our St. Patrick's Day run which does not have a set date yet given the race-heavy weekend that St. Patrick's Day falls this year. As the board has discussed more group events/ run at the US National Whitewater Center with the warmer seasons, we are looking into using the center for our Spring Social as a more family friendly outlet and the potential for an epic all-day experience for some. In conjunction with this year's summer olympics, the board wants to have a nice olympic/field-day inclined event in the summer. We believe that we have learned some lessons from last year's rained out experience with member turn-out for these events increasing.

So that people do not have to wonder how we afford to provide these social events, the board tries to maintain transparency with our use of club funds. There was nice growth with the big membership pushes the club found over the winter and the spike in gear purchases over the winter as well. As we have rolled into this new year, in order to retain as much as possible in years to come, we enlisted the help of members to stay on the up-and-up with our tax filing. As different organizations and retail outlets in the community have changed their structure, we realize a quality news publication correlates with quality advertising. For upcoming newsletters, there is a change in advertising structure to ensure that we all receive the best.

There are quite a few items on the table for upcoming meetings, and you can rest assured, as the club is growing exponentially, so will the experience we intend to provide our members. It's going to be huge. If there is anything you would like the board to consider before our next board meeting in a few weeks, just e-mail the board of directors at

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