Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A World Record-Sized Thank You

This will probably be the most difficult blog I've ever written, because I honestly don't think there are words that can accurately describe my feelings about this past weekend's 100x5k World Record Attempt.

When I look back on the events of this past weekend, the biggest thing that stands out to me is what a turning point this experience was for Charlotte Running Club. Truly, I can say this was a team effort and I think that everyone who was a part of it would agree. This wouldn't have happened without the efforts of every single person involved. This past weekend, Charlotte Running Club went from being a collective of individual runners to being a team and for me personally, it was awe-inspiring to watch. So many new friendships were formed. People put themselves through lack of sleep, time away from family, being outside in miserable weather and many probably deviated from their training plans all just so we could meet our collective goal. Thank you just isn't sufficient, but know it is meant with the deepest sincerity.

There are some individuals that should be thanked specifically. Ben Hovis was the mastermind behind the plan and sacrificed hours of what I'm sure was an organizational nightmare and he did a fantastic job. Aaron Linz put up the initial money for the timing system and was a fearless leader all weekend (and posted one of the fastest times of the event!). Providence Day School was gracious enough to let us use their facilities to host the event. The guys from Lee Timing, LLC were incredibly professional and stayed positive the whole time although they got very little sleep. Charlotte Running Company provided the awesome T-shirts commemorating the event.

To everyone that ran a leg of this event, I am just blown away by how smoothly everything went. Everyone showed up on time and ready to run, regardless of time of day or the conditions they were faced with. To all alternates, thank you for your flexibility and willingness to jump in at a moment's notice. To everyone that volunteered and supported, this event TRULY would not have happened without you! I, for one, learned that counting laps is not as easy as it looks! To spouses, significant others and kids of people involved, thank you for understanding how deep our passion is for running.

This past weekend will not be one I will soon forget, so I will say once more, even though it just doesn't sound like enough, on behalf of the board of Charlotte Running Club, to everyone involved...

Thank you!

Emily Barrett
Social Director

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  1. Congratulation to all!

    Mr. & Mrs. Swistak