Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Runner in the Spotlight: Michelle Brzycki

Where do you work?
I am a Relationship Manager for The Matlen Silver Group!

What's your favorite restaurant in Charlotte?
It's a close tie between Arooji's and Ilios Noche

How long have you lived in Charlotte?
I've been in Charlotte now for 8 years.

When and why did you start running?
Four years ago my close friend had another friend starting a running group so we thought we'd give it a try.

What do you love about running?
Running helps me stay fit and allows me to meet new people.

Favorite place you've traveled and loved for running?
Fiji Islands...nice and flat with beautiful scenery!

What motivates you to get out the door every day in this summer heat?
I find it difficult but I can keep it going because of my awesome training partner!

Judging from your facebook updates, it seems like you’re a huge fan of triathlons. Do you have any good running stories from triathlons?
Recently I was a mentor during a mock tri and it was fun encouraging the newbies on their weakest event. It was awesome to see their satisfaction and accomplishment when they completed their run!

What's your most memorable race and why?
Disneyworld 1/2 Marathon in 2008 because I didn't know that I had it in me to go that far!!

Favorite Charlotte race?
Waxhaw 5k, very small and quaint should run it sometime!

Where is your favorite place to run in Charlotte?
McMullen Greenway for sure!

What’s your favorite CRC group run to join?
Friday mornings at McMullen Greenway

Favorite distance? PR?
10ks...I swear I will get under an hour soon...1:00:59 last race! Kinda difficult to do that at the Cooper Bridge run!!

What’s next on your race calendar?
Disneyland 1/2 Marathon September 2010

What do you love most about the Charlotte Running Club?
The interaction with members of all different skill levels.

If you were the President of the CRC, what would you try to change / make happen in the club?
More social activities...but that seems to be happening more and more lately!

Anything else interesting you want to add?
Love the rabbits but I'm proud to be a TURTLE!!


  1. wow nice interview to her...she is definitely a good runner...:D