Sunday, April 4, 2010


For those of you who have ventured out to the Tuesday workouts that are either at Dowd, JCSU or McAlpine, you might have heard a strange cheer near the end of the workout. I don't even remember exactly how we started this tradition but the credit goes to one of my favorite Charlotte Running Club buddies, Caitlin Chrisman. At the end of our hard workouts, when we are down to 1 interval left, I will ask her, how many more to go? The group then shouts out "UNO MAS". It is a fun way to recognize we are almost done with the workout. Since we started this little tradition months ago, not a hard workout has gone by without the shout of UNO MAS and it is something I look forward to getting to and hearing at every workout.

So, now you know the story behind UNO MAS :) - Aaron


  1. Yep - something the wake forest women's team started back in 2004 as a motivator to make the most of your last repeat! It's fun and aaron has taken it to the next level.


    PS Who asked??

  2. Nice, I like the idea. Often in my track workouts, I count down bottles of beer - even thou I don't drink. :)