Monday, March 29, 2010

Runner in the Spotlight: Matt Jaskot

Matt Jaskot is one of the Charlotte Running Club's first official club members. He has been an integral part to keeping things fun on runs. An engineer at a startup solar panel company, in his spare time he pimps out his big white van. He will be leaving Charlotte to embark on a trip across the country until he runs out of money (~two years). Matt provided me with a great picture of himself running!

What’s your favorite restaurant in Charlotte?
I like to eat tacos at Miguel's. You have to build up an immunity there though; I took my brother and he threw up immediately after. It's such authentic Mexican you shouldn't drink the water.

What’s your favorite bar in Charlotte?
I like the Thirsty Beaver because it has character, no windows, and a drunken squirrel painted on it.

How did you get involved with the Charlotte Running Club?
I'm one of the slacker founding members who didn't become a board member... Basically just by being friends with Caitlin and Aaron.

What’s the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to you on a run?
One time I somehow kicked a stick into the back of my left calf with my right foot while trail running. It went in about an inch and I had to dig it out with a knife and some rubbing alcohol after I hopped back off the trails.

What’s your favorite distance? And PR?
Lately I've been taking a break from marathons because I tend to over train for them. Maybe half marathons when I'm in decent shape for them because. My PR there is a 1:16:30-something. I did my first 50k this year with Aaron, Thomas, and Michelle, and really enjoyed that, I tend to like the longer stuff and want to do some more ultras soon.

What’s your favorite marathon course to do?
I was a big fan of the Philly course because it was a nice visit to a lot of places I used to go when I lived there. Boston is pretty unmatchable for the energy you get from the crowd, though.

We heard you are taking a road trip across the US of A starting May 1. Will you run on that trip? How will you clean yourself?
Yes, I'm pulling up my roots in Charlotte (will miss everyone) to go drifting across the country soon. I'll definitely run, tho it'll be sporadic and probably not leave me in good shape for races, which is fine since I have none planned right now. Probably be mostly very long trail runs where I can explore new places, so I've been trying to get in less of racing shape and more shape to just go out and run for several hours at no particular speed. Maybe I'll jump in a few races last minute, who knows. And I will probably not be very clean most of the time, but I did just install a kitchen sink in my van so I can kind of wash up without having to rent a hotel room. Also rivers, lakes, and rain will help.

What’s the coolest age group award you’ve ever won?
I always liked winning the 15-19 marathon age group awards, not much competition in that age bracket for a marathon, but sometimes they gave me more than one if I was the only one in the age group running.

What's something cool we need to know about you?

I'm on a 2-year streak of only wearing shorts to run, it's only been tough a couple of days in the winter. That, and listening to surfing music is how I pretend that it's summer to get me through the winter.

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