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a.k.a. The Sunday Long Run 

 The SLR Crew is a group of dedicated runners who meet every Sunday morning to share a passion for running.

We show up every Sunday morning through rain, shine, hot, cold, wind, humidity, flooding, etc.
Most of us are here not only because we enjoy the benefits that running brings to our lives but also because we enjoy the company of running with others and the camaraderie.

A one day-a-week long run is essential to marathon and half-marathon training and the Sunday Run provides a consistent venue and a discipline for doing this.

You don’t have to be a marathon runner to join the group, just a runner, period!

History of the run:

Peter Balletta saw the need for a long run addition to the Charlotte Runners Meetup Calendar and approached Bevin Jett - the Meetup Organizer with the idea. It was a no-brainer and the SLR was born!

The first Official run of the SLR was on August 16, 2009. Three people showed up - Peter, Bevin and Katie. The exact distance of the run has long faded but it has evolved into much more than just a long run on a Sunday morning.

If you are not familiar with the SLR, we start across the street from Starbucks on Bevington Road / Rea Road in Charlotte, NC.

We start every Sunday, precisely on time. The Start time changes with the season, but it is either 7AM or 7:30AM.

The first SLR Meetup – August 16, 2009
There are also optional courses for runners who would like to get extra miles in. We have at least 3 additional loops that can be run before the main Run starts at 7 or 7:30AM.

So what makes a simple Sunday Run so special you ask? The secret is all in the post-run.
We are constantly recruiting Bakers. If you bake, that's a big plus for you! J

I honestly don't remember who first started bringing cake, cookies or goodies to eat after the run but it has gotten pretty elaborate. We have many talented "bakers" who routinely bring items like carrot and bourbon cake, countless varieties of cookies, fruits and even stuff that's good for you...and yes, we have even had folks who have brought beer (to be consumed outside the establishment of course).

Starbucks has kindly tolerated our shenanigans over all these years and I have to give them credit for for that. We pretty much take over the place on Sunday mornings.
We also have a couple of very ambitious members who have organized some unsanctioned runs or races.

The first one was called the “Stuff-Yer-Face” Half marathon, followed later by the "Run for the Cake Half-Marathon" and many more including many "Ugly Christmas Sweater Runs", and the infamous "Paul Ryan Almost Half-Marathon" run.... :)

There are undoubtedly a few more that I failed to mention here.
The SLR is very pet friendly. We have had two mascots; Bogart, a big gentle black great dane who passed away a couple of years ago. He can be seen in some of our group post-run photos. His owner subsequently got another great dane called Sampson and he is our present mascot.  Dogs are welcome to run with us and partake in the goodies afterwards.
One of the best things about the SLR is the motivation that it affords. The idea that you KNOW your group will be there on Sunday morning to get your training in with you is a huge advantage when you are in a training cycle for a race. It is probably the most consistent training group that I'm aware of. Heck, we have run the Greenway through over two feet of flooding and completed the course despite that fact that we should have been wearing bathing suits. We have run the Greenway course when it was covered with snow and ice. The SLR is there regardless - every Sunday morning!
There have also been many group race events. Many of our members have qualified and have gone to Boston, New York and Chicago and countless other marathons, ultras and relays over the years to represent the SLR.  The SLR is family…

The best part of the SLR is that it is such an inclusive group. We have all age groups represented from 25 to 65.  If you are a long time member or a first timer you will fit right in and feel comfortable because you are a Runner!

 If you are fast or slow, it really doesn't matter because the SLR is much more than a running group, we are social and enjoy the time spent on Sunday mornings when we can get out there and forget about jobs or work or responsibility and for a few hours and just enjoy running and the camaraderie that the group lends itself to.
Come and join us!

The main contact for the group is the Meetup page where you can sign up and join the run.

We also have a private Facebook Page and you can request membership to join and view.
Contact me for details:
Peter Balletta

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