Friday, November 28, 2014

'15 CRC Board Candidates

The candidate nomination period ends 12/28/2014 at midnight. Candidates have until 11/30/2014 (My apologies. This previously listed 12/30/14. The date should have been 11/30/14) to respond with their acceptance of their nomination. 

Board voting starts 12/1/2014 and runs through noon on 12/6/2014. Voting in person at our annual meeting is possible until 2pm. 

The top 4 candidates will fill the 4 open board positions which is a 2 year team. 

Current candidates accepting their nomination are: 

  • Gurmit Arora  
  • Flavia Asar 
  • Eric Bilbrey  
  • Richard Lyman 
  • Cora Player 
  • Michelle Seymour  
  • Melinda Law Westmoreland 
  • Bill Shires 

Current candidates responding with their running profiles are: 

Gurmit Arora

Software engineer by profession, Photographer by hobby. I also have interest in sketching and painting. My friends think of me as a problem solver, i am always curious to learn new things. 

I realized my interest for running after my first 6k dream run back in my hometown(Bombay). I enjoy running and helps me connect with myself and also with other. The best part about running is i learn something new each time i go for a run. I like to run in groups and you will find me running at most of the local area group runs. Every time i run, i race with myself to make sure i have a better time and form.

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to add value to one of the best running clubs in the area.

Flavia Asar

I’m married, no kids, and was born and raised in Charlotte, NC. My parents are from Sicily, so my first language is Sicilian. I have a huge love for cooking, and eating...especially pizza and pasta! From a very young age I had a passion for running. Since elementary school, I can remember always pushing myself to try and beat the boys in my class. In High School I ran the 400m, 800m, 4x400m and 4x800m on a women’s team that took lead in our conference and became 3A regional champions. I was also MVP of our Cross Country team back in 99'. After High School, I took a long break from competitive running and became a certified personal trainer. I wanted to help others reach their fitness goals. I worked my way up the ranks of a national gym chain, where I was transferred to NYC to manage the PT in 8 locations. After a few years of being away from family and friends, I moved back to Charlotte and decided to pursue a higher education at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. This is when I began to run again. Not for my school, but for myself. I started out with a 5K every couple months, only running about 10-15 miles a week to get back in the groove. Now I’ve worked my way up to Full Marathons and am running over 50 miles per week! I completed my first Full Marathon at Thunder Road on November 15th, 2014, and got my 2016 Boston Qualifier! Additionally, I’ve participated in the RFYL GPX and Signature series the past 3 years, and have started my own Monday Night Brewery Run. I have made so many friends on my journey to get where I am now, and it has made me a true advocate for running clubs, group runs, and other running social events. I would love the opportunity to be a member of the board for 2015 to take my passion for the running community to the next level.

Eric Bilbrey
I am married (to a former CRC board member) with a 3 month old baby. I began running in high school, ran through college, and after a few years off, started running again when I moved to Charlotte and joined CRC about 5 years ago. Through this sport, I have found not only fitness and a competitive outlet, but also my wife, the vast majority of my friends, and an enduring community of brothers and sisters in running. Needless to say, I'm not sure where I would be without all the miles.

My entire professional career has been dedicated to helping organizations be more effective by defining and articulating a shared vision for the organization and then putting the mechanisms in place to achieve that vision. In Nashville, TN, I helped to found a nonprofit to support local entrepreneurship and then worked with several start-ups from launch through capital-raising. In my current job at Bank of America, I am working to help the company define our employee value proposition and put the tools and programs in place to deliver.

I am excited for the opportunity to continue to serve CRC and the broader Charlotte Running Community! This past year, I served as an at-large board member, and I was selected by the board to serve out the remainder of the year as the club's vice president. While I am proud of the work that we accomplished this past year, I look forward to all that we can continue to do to grow our club and build a stronger running community in Charlotte.

Cora Player

I am married with two girls, ages 7 and 9.  My husband, Chuck, is also a runner.  About 5 years ago, we both decided we wanted to live forever so we started running and eating less cake.  My first race was the Marine Corp Mud Run and that's where I met the best running buddy ever.  Not many Saturdays pass where you won't see us running McMullen Creek Greenway.  By day, I am a Corporate Recruiter for a technology company HQ'd here in Charlotte.  (It pays the running shoe bills.)  

Michelle Seymour

My first race was the Charlotte Komen 5K in 1999.  I had never run before, and couldn't run a mile without stopping.  I was never fit growing up, but being diagnosed with thyroid disease in my early 20s made getting healthy and losing weight a priority.  I've been running consistently ever since, and do it for the love of fitness and being active.  So often there is a focus on finish times and being competitive, but that has never been my style.  I'm not a born runner - but I've got more discipline than most to get out there despite life's obstacles.  Right now I'm making my way through a "40 in 40" project - during my 40th year I will participate or volunteer in 40 athletic events, and then make a quilt from the 40 t-shirts to remind me what I was capable of when I was 40.  The South Park turkey trot 8K will be #17!  I'm training for the Austin marathon, and am grateful to have the best running partner ever.  Being a local yoga teacher helps me stay strong, and I'm a devoted 24 hours of booty participant.  I'd like to see more club events where fast and not-as-fast runners run and socialize more together.

Melinda Law Westmoreland

Melinda Law Westmoreland has served on the CRC as a member and secretary for one year. I have been running since the 90's, after college, around the time I started a career as a news reporter. I switched gears 10 years ago and now work at Johnson & Wales University as the communications & media relations director. I run to stay in shape and keep my sanity. My 10 year old ran her first 5k in 2014 and my 12 year old ran her third 5k in 2014 too. My husband is our greatest cheerleader! I am looking forward to another year with CRC!

Bill Shires

I have been running for the last 30 years and have run every day for the last 28 years in a row. Running been something that I truly enjoy and gives me a way to decompress after a long day of work or to energize me heading into the day. 

For the last 3 years, I have been a member of our Charlotte Running Club board. The first year, I served as a back up to the Secretary. The last two years, I have served as the Charlotte Running Club.Each of these years, I have given my best effort for our club, and I hope to continue my work into the future. 

Rich Lyman

Richard “Rich” Lyman has been running for 42 years. He is a CPA and has lived in Charlotte since 1985 and runs in as many charity races as possible while occasionally embarrassing himself in local track meets.   A morning runner, he can typically be found with his faithful dog, Black Jack, pounding the asphalt in southeast Charlotte.   Rich was also a volunteer character coach for Reggie McAfee’s Cross Country for Youth program in CMS middle schools.

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