Thursday, April 10, 2014

CRC Mileage Program - March 2014

Congratulations to our participants earning mileage awards this month.  Your dedication and determination in achieving your running goals is inspiring.  High fives to all of you!  Our program's 80 participants ran over 11 thousand miles in March.  To put that in perspective and if the oceans were not in the way we could have reached Australia by a human chain of relay.  That's amazing!  Keep working hard!  I wish all of our CRC members running the Boston Marathon a strong fight to the finish! You are helping Boston stay strong!  Achievers are always in order of miles run. 
 Joe Schlereth 
Bill Shires
Billy Shue
Paul Mainwaring
Caitlin Bullock
Mike Mitchell
Walt Guyer
Chad Crockford
Megan Hovis
Daniel Matena
Caleb Boyd
John Compton
Dennis Livesay
Danielle Crockford
Mark McGeough
Graham Shorr
Rob Ducsay
Mark Ulrich
Butch Holt
Wen Norvell
Tom Torkildsen
Allen Strickland
Jimmy Moore
Valerie Matena
Dianne Allen
Carolyn Yang
To see a complete listing of those that submitted their miles for the month of March click here.  You can participate in the mileage program anytime by using Athleticore for logging your miles or email your monthly mileage or any questions/corrections to


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