Thursday, December 12, 2013

CRC Mileage Program - November 2013

We are reaching the home stretch in the Charlotte Running Club's 2013 Mileage Program. 
Thanks to all of you for participating and joining together to reach running milestones.  We have all helped each other while watching our miles grow.  Don't stop now!
To see a complete list of those that submitted their miles for the month of November click here. 
 Megan Hovis 
Joe Schlereth
Bill Shires
Caitlin Bullock
Jason Holder
Mike Mitchell
Dennis Livesay
Butch Holt
Walt Guyer
Phyllis Neriah Tsang
Paul Gonzalez
Caleb Boyd
Rob Ducsay
John Compton
Adam Mayes
Valerie Matena

 Billy Shue
Steve Tant
Paul Mainwaring
Danielle Crockford
Tom Torkildsen
Daniel Matena
Mark McGeough
Mike Slaney
Allen Strickland
Chad Crockford
Deb Rubinich
Anne Marie Church
David Brinkley
Mark Ulrich
Stan Austin
Hunter Fleshood
Michelle Seymour
Dean Otto
John Fyfe
Ben Hovis
Jaime McDonald
Kathi Russo
Dave Knavel
Michael Miller
Jonathan Halter
Rob Leugers
Robert Gannett
Wen Norvell
Laura Gray
Mike Beigay
Karen Brown
Lauren Holder
Dianne Allen
Stacy Mercer
Paul Reinfeld
Joey Church
Ralph Shore
Virginia Halter
Lee Neitzel
Randy Bard
Chad Champion
Taiza Rivera
Gordon Bynum
Lana Torkildsen
Emily Hansen
Todd Capitano
Jason Benoit
Tracy D Rabon
Mark Cullen
Brian Baum
Audrey Ashkin
Jason Meulemans
Loril Gossett
Adrienne Anetrini
Jocelyn Sikora
Matt Miller
Jenny Womble
You can participate in the mileage program anytime by using Athleticore for logging
your miles or email your monthly mileage to  Great work everyone!

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