Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Juggling it all…

Our club has many terrific members, and we love it when they decide to step forward and share a little about their lives with the rest of the club and the world.

This month Runner Mom (of Megan and Macy) Melinda Law shares her story........

It’s a daily dilemma – when is my next run? For runner moms, there is no simple answer, but you can bet whatever day it is, it will be oh dark hundred.

Running isn’t easy and I don’t mean the putting one-foot-in-front-of the other. I mean the get-the-kids-ready-for-bed-is-my-Garmin-charged-and-I-have-to-walk-the-dog -and-there-are-still-clothes-in-the-dryer!

Tack on being a single mom AND coming off an injury. First it was a neuroma, an annoying nerve swelling in my foot. Took care of it. Then it was the tendinopathy distal gluteus medius.  At least that’s what I am trying to decipher from my doctor’s physical therapy prescription. All I know is my hip hurt. A lot. Got through that. Now I’ve got that nagging neuroma again and twice a month alcohol injections. And no, you don’t want to join me for those. They’re not drinkable.

Children, dog, daily chores and a full-time job, yet somehow I am managing to train for my second marathon and squeezing in shorter road races and weekly Tri-Yon Performance workouts. I even bought a used bike. I was doing the swimming thing, but not really by choice. That boring, mind-numbing activity is for when I’m forced into doctor-ordered rest.

Tonight I will try and be patient with my night-owl children who will still be running amok at 9 p.m.  I’ll eventually drag myself to bed, Garmin and iPod charging, “blinky” light and water bottle where I won’t forget them, knowing that I juggle a lot so I can run. I run so I can be a better mom.

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  1. Great story by a busy working Mom. Many of us should feel a little humbler when we think about the many challenges we face everyday.
    Keep running' ! - an admirer.