Monday, March 11, 2013

A Letter To The Best Running Club on the Planet.

Over the weekend, Mike Kahn sent me an email saying that he and his family are moving to New York. I am sad to see Mike go. His ability to see, talk, and create are beyond anything that I have ever seen. I am sure that I speak for the entire club when I say he will be missed.

Before leaving Mike shared some parting thoughts in his email that I thought were worthy for everyone CRC member to read. 


CRC President


Dear Tire Kicking Solo Runner,

I know you are a runner. I know you got the bug. You jam out on your iPod a few times a week and pound that neighborhood loop relentlessly before tackling the day. Kudos to you for making it happen. What you do is undoubtedly fulfilling and most likely mentally harder than anything the club does because you do it solo.

You continue to stay motivated, sign up for an occasional race, and constantly wonder if you are leaving some untapped potential on the table. Perhaps when you race, you hover 5-10 seconds around your personal best depending on the course, distance etc. Part of you wonders how to get faster but the other part is too content to do anything about it. The Work, Life & Run balance has you nervous to change up the routine that is working for you.

I only offer the following advice because it is from my own personal experience: Running with people makes you faster. Period.

So instead of avoiding the only running club in Charlotte or deciding its too difficult to crack the initial introduction. Just stop making excuses and get dialed in immediately. Send an email here "" with your current pace and you will have multiple options for group runs near your house sent to you within minutes. Your personal best has a shelf life and its better to go after it before it expires. Joining the club will make you faster and in the meantime you'll meet friends without trying.

Doctors. Lawyers, waiters, engineers, clerks, secretaries, moms, dads, students, and people of all backgrounds have one thing in common. The run. The goal race. The betterment of themselves.

I encourage you to find a run and just do it. Tell them you read this and they'll understand. You demand more from yourself just as they once did and still do everyday.

As I pack up my car to move my things for job in NY I hope to see your unrecognized name amongst my friends as they like your status when you post a personal best or maybe request a partner for an upcoming workout.

Lastly, please don't read this then let your next race time haunt you wondering if I was right when you thought about contacting the the club.

Please trust me and just show up. You will find what you were looking for in a run. Passionate runners.

If you are a bit hesitant as most of us are initially, including myself, then turn that fear on itself and ask this poignant question, "What am I more afraid of... meeting fellow runners or living with my personal best wondering if I had more?"

Gotta run,

Mike Kahn

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