Friday, November 2, 2012

CRC "Pilot" Mileage Program presented by TrySports - Oct. Summary

Hard to believe that 10 months of running are already in the books for this year and the holiday season is just about upon us.

Running around the holidays is never easy, but somehow we runners make it work.

But here’s the best part and the part that I look forward to each month. This is the announcing of the list of runners hitting the 1000 mile mark. October saw the following individuals have their names added to the list: Dave Knavel, Todd Capitano, Adrienne Anetrini, and Dan Keller. Please join me in congratulating these individuals on their achievement.

As I count down the list, we now have 59 individuals over 1000 miles in our club this year. Makes me wonder where we rank among clubs throughout the US for member reaching 1000 miles.

And, we are not done yet. With 8 more weeks or 2 months of running left in the year, we have plenty of room to add more people to our list.

Therefore, I am encouraging each and every one of you to head out your front down and get in some miles.

Like last month, I created a pdf of my mileage program tracking spread sheet. Open and if you see any issues, please drop me an email at

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