Sunday, July 1, 2012

New CRC Gear is here!!!

The Charlotte Running Club board of directors has heard membership loud and clear. As a 2012 objective we were asked to improve the gear purchasing experience. As a result, we have taken the CRC gear back in house. Our club gear is now self funded and distributed by your board. We have had to make a few investments but the net result should be an improvement to each of you who want gear.

1) So how do I get new gear in my hands?
Contact with the item you want to purchase, your size and contact info. Upcoming July events for gear purchase will be at the Firecracker 5K on July 3 and the RYFL 4 miler on July 4th. Find the president, Aaron Linz.  Future gear dates/locations will be published here.
2) How do I pay?
We accept cash, check, AND credit card. We have a credit card swiper that works on an iphone (pretty cool!). All proceeds are reinvested in the gear process and future purchases. Only by unanimous decision by the board can gear funds be used for other club needs.
3) What if I get home and realize I have the wrong size?
 No problem! Simply email to request an exchange.
4) How do I request additional gear and colors? Because we are not self funded, we have gone with a limited selection of gear. However, we will be making additional bulk orders throughout the year. Your input and recommendations helps us get gear that folks want to purchase so let us know your thoughts at
5) What are you offering this summer of 2012?
We have the following items in stock in all sizes:
-Women's blue v-neck technical Ts $25 each
 -Men's white technical Ts $25 each
-Women's blue racing singlet $25 each
-Men's white racing singlet $25 each
-Red CRC headbands $5 each
-White CRC headbands $5 each

 Discounts apply for multiple purchases:
-Any two Tech T and/or Singlet combo $45..10% savings of %5
-3 headbands and the 4th free!!..10% savings of $5

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