Saturday, July 7, 2012

Megan’s Health Help: Water Water Everywhere!

It’s true! The weather is getting hotter. You are producing more sweat. You need more water! 
So what are some simple ways to increase your hydration if you aren’t a big fan of plain water? I’ve listed some ideas below..... 

Fill up with fruit! Many fruits have high water content and help increase your hydration just by having a few servings per day. 
The fruits with highest water content are Strawberries (91.27%),Watermelon (91.25%), Grapefruit (91.06%), Cantelope (90%), Peach (88%), Cranberries (87%),Pineapple (87%), Orange (87%) and Apricot (86%).

Load up on Veggies! Just like fruits, many vegetables also contain a lot of
water. The vegetables with the highest water content include Lettuce (96%), Cucumber
(96%), Celery (95%), Radish (95%), Zucchini (95%), and Tomato (94%)

Add some flavor! Some people just don’t like the taste of plain water. Try
adding a lemon or lime to your water and letting it soak up the flavor.

Boost your water! To increase taste and get the benefits of added electrolytes
without the sugar...try nuun tablets. Just drop one in your water and let it fizzle. Enjoy!

Megan Hovis is a registered dietician at Upgrade Lifestyle, INC. Upgrade Lifestyle educates, motivates and empowers individuals, families and businesses on how to live a healthy lifestyle through custom-designed fitness, nutrition and lifestyle coaching programs. Megan holds a PR of 2:37 in the marathon and is a two-time qualifier for the Olympic Trials.

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