Saturday, January 14, 2012

CRC “Pilot” 1000 Mile Program

Running is a sport that by in large exist only in the shadows of our communities. We as runners for the most part exercise in the predawn hours or after dusk when our family chores have been completed. Thus much of what we do exist far away from eyes of the rest of the world – unknown and unrecognized.

But this doesn’t have to be the case. This is why I pushed for our club to create a mileage program and volunteered to lead it this year. Our club members work hard and play hard. For all of those hours spent putting one foot in front of another there needs to have some acknowledgment - light shined on it.

So I encourage all of our members to participate in this program by submitting your miles. All the information about the program is contained below. However, if there are still questions, feel free to email us at CRC Mileage Program.

Mile Program Information:

The Charlotte Running Club is proud to announce a new club benefit available to all club members – The "CRC Pilot Mileage Program” with a 1000 mile goal. The intention of this pilot program is to provide members with a purpose to help them further their passion for running during the 2012 year.

Mileage Program Rules:
- The mileage program is open to the entire club.
- An award will be given to each person reaching a documented 1000 miles (exact award TBD)
- Miles can only be accumulated between 1/1/2012 and 12/31/2012
- Miles can only be accumulated by running (There is no converting of swimming or cycling miles)
- An email will be sent to each club member as a reminder to submit their total monthly miles
- Running more than 1000 miles does not garner additional awards
- Achieving 1000 miles faster than someone else does not garner additional awards
- Club members using Athleticore will have their monthly mileage pulled automatically. Instruction for joining Athleticore are given below
- For members using other types of running logs, these club members will be responsible for submitting their miles via email to CRC Mileage Program.
- Mileage Totals will be included in the news letter and posted on the Charlotte Running Club Blog.
- A new end of year club social will be held. As part of this event, those individuals reaching the 1000 mile goal will receive their award (Location TBD).

Instructions for joining Athleticore

Step 1: go to Athleticore in your web browser.
Step 2: click ?Join in the top right corner
Step 3: fill in the information (DO NOT ENTER ANY TEAM INFO HERE)
Step 4: now log into the system with username and password
Step 5: click ?Teams on the top toolbar
Step 6: click ?Join Team on the left
Step 7: click ?join next to the 1st Charlotte Running Club name
Step 8: enter ?CRC as the password

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