Thursday, November 17, 2011

CRC Annual Meeting - 11/20/2011

Sunday 11/20/2011 Charlotte Running Club is conducting our first annual meeting. We strongly encourage each member to attend. Since the meeting is open to the public, family and friends are welcome to attend as well. A couple of logistics and then the agenda:

Location: Run For Your Life store in SouthPark.
4722-G Sharon Road, Charlotte, NC 28210
980.224.8702 980.224.8702 Location Map

Time: 1pm - we will be doing a short all paces group run a little after 1pm. K-Swiss run test shoes will be available to try out on your run. Carolina's Sports Clinic will be available for post run massages! The Panthers game will be on in the store.
2pm - Start of annual meeting.


  • Call to Order

  • Thank you

  • CRC Goals and Mission

  • 2011 Year in Review

  • 2011 Finances

  • 2012 Charlotte Running Club Board Announced

  • 2012 Next Steps

  • 2012 Finance Improvements

  • 2012 Draft Budget

  • Question/Answer

  • Other
    1/28/12 CRC 8k Race at McAlpine Park
    CRC Point Series

    Thank you to our 2011 Board Members
    Aaron Linz
    Caitlin Chrisman
    Billy Shue
    Ben Hovis
    Emily Barrett
    Jamie Dodge
    Scott Helms
    Jason Holder
    Allen Strickland

    Thank you to all our 2012 candidates
    Val Matena
    Aaron Linz
    Chad Randolph
    Billy Shue
    Mike Beigay
    Ben Hovis
    Tom Patania
    Adam Mayes
    Jamaar Valentine
    Scott Helms
    Bill Shires
    Caitlin Chrisman
    Emily Barrett
    Carolyn Maye

    Thank you to contributors in 2011
    Eimear Goggin – Website
    Bill Shires – Race Results
    Mike Kahn – Media Specialist
    Rebecca Thomason – CRC house, beer mile

    Charlotte Running Club Goals
    Maintained and updated by each board each year

    2011 Goals
    Set world record in 5K X 100 relay competition
    Expand team competitions
    Establish regularly scheduled and consistent social events
    Launch an annual race
    Appoint a volunteer coordinator
    Begin developing relationships with other regional and national running Clubs
    Develop a system of ordering and distributing branded apparel

    2014 Goals
    Have an established annual race
    Have a defined mentor/coaching sys-tem in place
    Purchase a race timing system
    Have a system for measuring success of group runs
    Have criteria in place for relationships with local and national vendors interested in sponsorship / partnership

    2016 Goals
    Have a firm sustainable management structure
    Be a regionally recognized and respected running Club
    Field a sponsored elite team

    CRC guiding principles that board decisions should always adhere to

    The Charlotte Running Club's Mission is:
    Help members become more consistent
    Create a sense of camaraderie
    Help members meet running goals

    2011 Year in Review
    The 2011 CRC Board goal has been to establish a foundation for the future. As a major part of that effort, we continue to talk about sustainable activities. We have a tremendous amount of energy throughout the Club and want to ensure we are taking smart steps forward that align with our Club mission and vision. By doing so, the Charlotte Running Club will continue to support the needs of the running community for many years into the future.

    2011 Actions Defined and Approved
    · Mission Statement
    · Vision Statement
    · 1/2/5 year plan
    · Bylaws
    · Yearly Budget
    · Nomination and Election Process
    · Membership fees and membership process
    · Renewed USATF Club membership
    · Joined RRCA

    2011 Accomplishments
    · Planned and broke the world record for the 100x5k
    · Water stop volunteers for Firecracker 5k
    · Thunder Road Marathon Course Marshals for Dilworth area
    · Spring Annual Social at French Quarter
    · Fall Marathon Social at Tyber Creek
    · Cinco de Mayo Club Birthday/Tequila Quarter
    · Club picnic at Beatty Park / Michael Kahn’s residence
    · Beer Mile
    · Implemented Sunday fun runs out of Freedom park
    · Blue Ridge Relay sponsored team
    · Club gear available online – spring and fall lines
    · Upgraded Club gear quality based on member feedback
    · Streamlined the newsletter process and moved to a monthly eNewsletter
    · Archived old Club newsletters and posted to the web
    · Streamlined race results software and process
    · Conducted a Club survey and took actions on results, summary results to be published before year end
    · Completed monthly board meetings including a January retreat to Asheville and a spring retreat to Concord. No Club funds were used in Ashville. Gear profits were used to cover meeting space and dinner in Concord
    · Redesigned CRC blog to add more information and increase the diversity of runner spotlights
    · Continued relationship management with local specialty running stores
    · Overhauled Group Run listing to present in several different manners, include all runs in the Charlotte region regardless of whether CRC or not and finalizing plan to continue to better communicate, support, and grow group runs
    · Maintained website, blog, and Facebook with timely Club information and general local running information and awareness
    · Maintained an average of less than 2 days to respond to any Club member, or other inquires to our Club email
    · Began planning for Club race in 2012
    · Successfully managed the transition of responsibilities from Jay Holder to the rest of the Board after he moved

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