Friday, October 14, 2011

CRC BOD 2012 Candidates as of 10/21

One week into the nomination period and we have the following candidates for CRC Board of Director 2012 postions. Members will elect 8 board of directors adn the new board will appoint 2 more board members. Nominations will be accepted until 11/14 and the full candidate list will be published each week.

  • Val Matena

  • Aaron Linz

  • Chad Randolph

  • Billy Shue

  • Mike Beigay

  • Ben Hovis

  • Tom Patania

  • Adam Mayes

  • Jamaar Valentine

  • Scott Helms

  • Bill Shires

  • Caitlin Chrisman

  • Emily Barrett

  • Carolyn Maye

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