Tuesday, September 6, 2011

CRC Board Elections

This is the first in a series of posts to help prepare you for the annual CRC elections. The exact date nominations will be accepted, the mechanism for casting votes and proxies will be provides in upcoming posts. This post provides background and details from our bylaws.

Your club is reaching adulthood! Thank you to each member for your help and support. Your board has continued to work throughout the year to establish the right foundation for the club to help continued growth and sustainability. We want this club to be around for years to come and to provide you with even better support of your running goals and those of our Charlotte running community.

As a step towards our club vision, we have continued to refine our CRC Bylaws which we store in gDocs. The bylaws as for public consumption so while dry, please feel free to read and let us know your thoughts (run.charlotte@gmail.com).

With the addition of formal bylaws and the fact that your board officially meets every month and records minutes of those meetings, we are at a point where it is time to add more of a democratic process into our club. Starting in November 2011, we will elect board members. Currently the date is set for November 20th and we are finalizing a location that is central to all. The elections will also be the site our our annual club meeting.

Specifics of the election process are as follows:

1. Elections will be held annually for half of the board. The top four vote getters will serve a two-year term, while the other six will serve a one-year term. With the exception of year 1 of elections where 8 board members are elected, all subsequent years will vote and elect 4 members to the board. The board at their discretion will have 60 days to fill 2 additional positions. The board can use any means to decide but must have majority (5 of 8 board members) decision before the President can extend an invitation to a member.

2. All nominees for board positions must be members of CRC. All Board Members must be members of CRC for at least six months prior to election.

3. The term begins on the first day of the calendar year and lasts until the comparable day one or two years hence, when the next annual meeting is held.

4. Nominating Procedure.

a) Nominate yourself.

b) Nominated by others

c) Nomination period: seven weeks prior to the week before the annual meeting.

d) Each member can nominate up to 4 candidates.

e) Voting period: voting begins 1 week prior to the annual meeting and will conclude at the annual meeting.

f) Nominations must be sent to and processed by the President. He or she is responsible for making the nominations public.

5. Election process: Create a ballot based on the nominations. All ballots will be counted by the attorney appointed by the Board. Votes will be cast during the voting period (see B.4.e. above). Each member will get to vote for four new members (Year one of elections will be 8).

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  1. Can you detail what the positions will be, and what duties are expected of said position?