Friday, June 17, 2011

Masters Smackdown

In the Summer Breeze 5k, CRC is entering a Mixed Masters team - the 5 fastest times count. We thought there would be separate men's and women's masters teams, and these people signed up:
Gordon Bynum, Butch Holt, Michael Lemmons, Allen Strickland, Clayton Venhuizen
Dianne Allen, Beth Carey, Eimear Goggin, Kathy Rink, Deb Rubinich
To add some excitement to my bland existence, here's a challenge to the men's masters - I bet the average # of Grand Prix points earned by these masters women is higher than the average for the men. The winning team gets bragging rights, or BEER, or Credit in Heaven (I guess you need an Irish Catholic upbringing for that to work, though ... )
So, there's my challenge ... of course if the guys are scared to take it on, that's perfectly understandable ...

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