Monday, June 27, 2011

Group Runs - All Paces Welcome!

10:00am From TrySports in Blakeney. 3-6 miles; all paces welcome. Contact

6:30pm The Fabulous Reedy Creek Monday night run has started up again. It's 5.2 trail miles. Contact and be sure to ask for his All New Confusing Map! All paces and all numbers of legs accommodated. What I'm trying to say is, you can bring your dog if it's on a leash.

7:00pm From the University Run For Your Life store. 4 - 6 miles; all paces welcome; Drinks and dinner afterwards.

5:45am Fort Mill, Baxter Village Run all paces and distances welcome Contact Jamie Dodge

6:00am From Downtown Davidson CVS. 6 miles @ 8+ pace. Headlamp recommended. Coffee at Summit Coffee post-run. Contact Chad Randolph

6:30am From Water fountain at Christ Church on corner of Providence and Colville. 4-6 miles @ 9 pace Contact Lauren Robbins

6:15pm From TrySports in Blakeney 3-6 miles; all paces welcome. Contact

10:00am From TrySports in Blakeney 3-6 miles; all paces welcome. Contact

5:45pm From Alexander Graham Middle School 1800 Runnymede Lane
Charlotte, NC 28211 Track workout for ALL PACES Welcome on the oval of love!
Contacts and Emily Barrett,

6:00pm From Promenade Charlotte Running Company. 4 miles; all paces welcome. Typically 10 min pace with optional extra miles at quicker pace. 15% off purchases at store. Contact Aaron Linz

6:30pm From Dilworth Charlotte Running Company. 4-8 miles; all paces welcome. 15% off purchases at store. Headlamp &/or reflective gear recommended. Contact Audra at the Charlotte Runners Meetup Group

6:30 pm From Dilworth Charlotte Running Company. 4.5 miles (occasionally the 6.5 mile loop); all paces welcome. Note that we've moved the start time back by 30 minutes in the vain hope it might be a bit cooler! Occasional carb-loading afterwards. Contact Eimear Goggin
6:15pm From TrySports in Blakeney. 3-6 miles; all paces welcome. Contact

6:30am From Queens and Providence Road (the gold statue guy - good parking) 9:30+ pace for 8-12 miles. Contact Fred Wood

7:00am From the Caribou Coffee at Cochran Commons in University. All paces welcome. Contact University City Road Runners

8:00am Omega Sports @ Park Road Shopping Center - Omega Sports lead run.
Meet at Park Rd Shopping Center store. Runners will head towards Freedom Park. All runners welcome. Hydration will be provided. Contact Dan Keller at for more info or questions.

7:30am From the main parking lot of McAlpine Park, 8711 Monroe Rd. Stop in lot every 4-5 miles for hydration/nutrition. All paces welcome. We park in the lower left hand corner of the lot, near where a water fountain is located. Please be there a few minutes before 7:30, especially if you need to use the restrooms. Contact Larry Seavers or Tom Torkildsen

7:30am Meet at McMullen Creek Greenway/Hwy 51 entrance. Runners will run on greenway. All runners welcome. Hydration will be provided by NUUN and Omega Sports. Contact for more info and questions,

Other Options

Charlotte Runners Meetup Group
They offer run options that cater to a bit shorter distances for beginner and casual runners. We have CRC members who get a run or two in a week with Meetup and participate in our runs as well. A few of their runs are integrated into our full listing above. See their link for a complete list of runs.

CarolinaTrail Runner
Carolina Trail Runner & Mountain Biker Meetup group. All skill levels and various runs. All off road. The new home of the "Almost 10k" group runs.

Icoachurun - Fort Mill
icoachurun run group in Fort Mill/Tega Cay area. They have several meeting times. Currently Tuesday am (545) and Sunday am (730) They are adding more times in January. All levels of running, walk/run beginners to marathon finishers. Led by club member Jamie Dodge

Fort Mill Fast Feet
All levels of runners are invited, some are 7min pace, most are 9-10min pace all the way to a few 12min pace.
Saturday at 8AM, run from Fort Mill YMCA in Baxter Village.
Tuesday at 9:15AM at the Gold Hill YMCA, Tega Cay.
Monday at 6PM at the Fort Mill YMCA in Baxter Village.
Contact club member Paige Kell

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