Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Weekend Group Run Options (Feb 5-6)

Hey members and non members that want to join us. So many good running options this weekend that wanted to share them all with you. The regularly posted runs are listed below. All of them are really good options so read thru them and see if any fit your desires.

UNCC 5k - go racers!!! Take some pictures please too and share them with us ( )

Sat 6:15am and 7am pickups Saturday at Dowd Y back porch. Contact 7-7:30 pace...early folks going 20 miles. Later folks 13-15 miles. Good crew of fast ladies on this one and a few fellas tagging along for the ride.

Sat 8:15a from Old Bell entrance of McAlpine - if you want to hang with the fastest crew in town (other than the folks racing at UNCC 5k), come give these guys a try. Too fast for me this Saturday but good stuff. 15 min warm-up, 8:30am - will do the tempo from the start to the 4 mile mark and back (8 mile tempo), then 1 mile and 1,000m Contact Paul Mainwaring at

Sunday - TrySports/Craft event. All the details at link below. There will be an all paces group run shortly after 2pm. The event lasts until 5pm. Aaron Linz will lead an all paces group run from the store for a 3-4 mile loop. Those craving more, we will do another loop or two. Burn some calories pre-superbowl!!!

Regular Group Runs (these are all established an well attended runs. contact group leaders ahead of time just in case and/or if you want more details)

6:30am From Queens and Providence Road (the gold statue guy - good parking) 9:30+ pace for 8-12 miles. Contact Fred Wood

7:00am From the Caribou Coffee at Cochran Commons in University. All paces welcome. Contact University City Road Runners

7:00am From the East Blvd. entrance to Freedom Park; 8+ miles @ 8 pace or 8+ miles @ 9 pace; run the 8-mile loop or continue on for more miles. Contact or Chris Bradle

7:30am From Track Behind Barnette Elementary and Bradley Middle School off Beatties Ford Rd. Contact Todd Mayes

6:00am From Downtown Davidson CVS. 10+ miles @ 8 +/- pace. Headlamp recommended. Coffee at Summit Coffee post-run. Contact Chad Randolph

7:30am From the main parking lot of McAlpine Park, 8711 Monroe Rd. Stop in lot every 4-5 miles for hydration/nutrition. All paces welcome. We park in the lower left hand corner of the lot, near where a water fountain is located. Please be there a few minutes before 7:30, especially if you need to use the restrooms. Contact Larry Seavers or Tom Torkildsen

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  1. Mike Beigay, Megan, and I are going to Anne Springs at 7:30 on Sunday morning. Please come join!

    We'll be parking at the Leroy Springs Complex off of HWY 160.

    If you have questions, email me at

    -Ben Hovis