Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Charlotte Running Club Joins RRCA

Welcome to the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA)!

The Charlotte Running Club recently joined the RRCA and here's a taste of what membership in America's oldest and largest national association of running clubs gets us:


As the club has continued to grow, it became increasingly clear that we needed insurance to protect our organization. The RRCA provides one of the best and least expensive insurance plans available, one with an obvious expertise and emphasis on running and running-related events.

The RRCA Online Community:

We're no longer an isolated entity! By joining the RRCA, our club is instantly plugged into the national running community with easy access to resources for our board of directors, coaches, event directors, and, of course, runners!

Charity Fundraising:

We hope to begin giving more to charitable organizations and the RRCA makes this easier than ever. They provide online services which will allow our club to easily collect and distribute charitable donations.

RRCA National Awards:

Our club is now eligible to receive national RRCA awards. I think this newsletter is worthy of a national award in its first year with the RRCA! See the list of awards here.

These are just a some of the services now available to us through membership in the Road Runners Club of America. Check here to learn more. Let's all take advantage of our new membership!

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  1. We are so official now :) Thx to Allen Strickland for his leadership in getting this setup and established for us. RRCA is a good association and continues to further demonstrate we are taking the right steps to be a real and recognized club here in town for years to come.