Friday, January 21, 2011

UNC Charlotte Homecoming 5k

I added this to the Social Page of the club website ...

Upcoming Events

  • UNC Charlotte Homecoming 5k February 5

As I know nobody reads anything I write :-) I thought it was safe to post this:

First, the Homecoming 5k race is a low-key, family-friendly event supporting a great cause (the American Heart Association), and welcoming fast runners, slow runners, walkers, kids, parents, an' all. It's hilly. Typically ALL my friends win something, even if they have to pretend to be on the faculty to do it (I'm looking at YOU, Stephen!)

Second, there is traditionally an R&R session at my house afterwards to which everyone is welcome (as long as you tell me by midnight on the Thursday before, so I can go shopping on Friday). This involves 2 big pots of chili (one veggie, one turkey) and an excellent carb-loading drink called a Guinness Blast ( = Guinness with a shot of espresso down the middle). If you're interested. let me know and I'll divulge my secret location.

As we say in my country*, g'wan g'wan g'wan, ye will ye will ye will.


* well, on an old TV show anyway

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