Saturday, December 18, 2010

Looking for Full and Half Marathoners for 2011 (Winter and Spring)

Gonna Run a Full or Half Marathon this Winter or Spring? Let us know so we can get you on the list. *** FULL and HALF MARATHON Winter-Spring 2011 List ***

March 20th alone has 4 marathons on the east coast and 1 out in LA!!!

Let us help link you up with folks for those long runs and have some local friends to travel to/from the race and celebrate with after your race.


  1. Knoxville Half/Full Marathon is April 3rd! It's a hilly one, but nothing Charlottonians can't handle! Highly recommend it...only 4 hr drive from Charlotte.

  2. Marc Hirschfield - Disney Full Marathon
    Johane Hirschfield - Disney Half Marathon

  3. I may do the knoxville half, also would liek to do shamrock half. Need a training group. Goal is to break 1:28, i guess that means i need to train at low 7's?

  4. Christine return email so I am responding back in hopes this reaches you. Feel free to email

    So you ran 1.33.12 at Dowd which is about 7.07 pace. Nice job by the way! Great time and a high finish!
    1.28 is about 6.43 pace

    Good site here to tinker with splits --->

    That is a 24 second improvement per mile which is pretty significant. Unless you are substantially upgrading your training regimen, that might be a big aggressive.

    As far as training, you don't necessarily train at your race pace. You have easy days and hard days. Some of the hard days at are paces faster than your half to get used to running faster.

    It is a good goal but if you are interested in obtaining it, I recommend you look into a coach that can give you a bit more direction. One of the best in town is Mark Hadley. His info is under local resources on the club website (

    Happy Running

  5. In response to Andrew - yes we can certainly list ultras. Let us know which ones please.