Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cannon School Run for Cancer

Tim Gruber is a high school kid with his head screwed on way better than I ever had at that age. He has helped plan a darn good event that folks should consider if they are around on the 12th of November.

Club member Tim Gruber and his fellow runners on the Cannon XC team are running 12 miles from Presbyterian hospital to Cannon School in order to raise money for cancer awareness. They have received a lot of support from surrounding doctors and companies, including Upgrade Lifestyle. Everyone who runs gets a t-shirt and Dave Wottle is speaking afterwards.

The run starts at 11 on November 12 at Presbyterian Hospital in Huntersville.

For more info you can contact Tim at: tgruber@cannonschool.org
Todd Hartung (also in CRC) thartung@cannonschool.org

You can donate by writing a check to Cannon School (CR)2.
See the event brochure for more information.


  1. heard dave wottle speak back in the furman days - he's great. this is a wonderful thing to do - thanks tim and all the supporters for doing it!

  2. Thank you so much CRC for posting this, the event was awesome! We have plenty of shirts for $20, if anyone would like. Good luck to everyone tomorrow at Richmond!