Monday, August 2, 2010

Fort Mill Running Options with Jamie Dodge

Aaron recently caught up with club member Jamie Dodge. You can learn more about Jamie and her coaching services at her website.

Here is a short Q and A with her.

Did you grow up in the Charlotte area? If not, where did you grow up?
No, we have lived here for just over 2 years. My husband and I were both born and raised in Michigan. We married and moved to Seattle, WA where we lived from 10 years before moving to Charlotte.

What is your favorite thing about running? What is your least favorite?
There are so many thing that I loved about running that is would be too hard to pick one thing. But I would say my favorite distance is the Marathon. There isn't anything I do not like about running but I do not like racing 5Ks.

Favorite place to run in Charlotte area?

Favorite race in Charlotte?
Thunder Road Half Marathon

Favorite race ever?
Virginia Beach Marathon or Marine Corps Marathon

Why did you start a running group in Fort Mill?
As a runner and coach, I would have people asking for advice and input on their training. Additionally I have had lots of people say to me that they wanted to start running but didn't know how to start or that every time they would run they would get hurt. I wanted to create a group that I could provide coaching and guidance for all levels. Beginners work toward running with a walk/run approach, while experienced runners do workouts designed to increase speed, stamina and endurance. In addition I envisioned a social aspect to it where runners could gather and chat about their races and training.

What do folks get out of joining?
Weekly group run, supplemental exercises, injury prevention exercises, learn proper form and have access to coach for advice and guidance.

What types of paces may participate?
All levels are welcome.

Do you all do the same route/different routes?
We all do the same route and workouts. I have map out a 1 mile loop each week. Beginners do a couple loops using a run/walk approach and experienced runners do the loop several times with a variation of workout such a fartleks, tempos and intervals. This allows for the groups to start and end together. The group always does a post run stretch together.

What are 2 good running routes in Fort Mill?
I live and run mostly in Baxter. One my favorite routes is leaving Baxter from Stratford Run and tahn take New Grey Rock Rd to Dam Rd and circling back to Baxter. This is a 6 mile loop that if you reverse it, you get a mega hill to climb. You can also run Baxter to Tega Cay via 160 but this is not a great route as it along a busy road and you are on sidewalk for the entire run.

What is something about Fort Mill that folks might not know?
That is has a large runner and tri-athlete community. On any given AM you will find runners scattered along 160.

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