Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Summer Boot Camp - Registration Open

Hey all just wanted to give you a non-running exercise option this summer to fill a few of your Saturday mornings. I participated in a couple of the Asana Activewear Boot Camps last summer and I can assure you it is a terrific workout! The neat thing about these type of workouts is no matter what kind of shape you are in, no matter how old or young, you can cater the workout to your level of fitness. So it really is something that you and your wife or girlfriend (hopefully not both) can attend together and walk away with a great workout (some soreness I assure you as well).

For $30 bucks you get 5 Saturdays with 5 top local fitness gym instructors. Each registrant will receive a high quality drawstring back pack from Sugoi, a water bottle, special discounts from Asana Activewear, Earthfare and more! There is a single day price as well of $15.

Gary Schwake is the owner over at Asana Activewear and has built a real top quality speciality store. You can now shop online with Asana ( Their gear is focused more on the yoga and gym crowd so as runners we have less needs for that type of apparel. However, if you need new clothes for the gym that you want to last and that are comfortable, give them a shot.

Here is the link for more info and registration about the bootcamp:

I usually end with Happy Running...but for this blog, Happy Bootcamp - Aaron

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