Sunday, April 11, 2010

CRC and Mizuno for 2010!!!

Charlotte Running Club is very proud to announce our 2010 relationship with Mizuno.

Mizuno has been our provider of racing singlets and technical t-shirts. We now have an opportunity to extend the relationship via a racing team and discounts. Our first Charlotte Running Club race team is composed of 5 men and 5 women who qualified because of exemplary performances and excellent ambassadorship to the club. The team members currently have no affiliation with any other local race teams.

WOMEN: Caitlin Chrisman, Shenna Kevorkian, Jackie Savage, Michelle Hazelton, Lauren Robbins

MEN: Aaron Linz, Mike Beigay, Ben Hovis, Thomas Eggar, Allen Strickland.

Remember that these folks represent CRC as our racing team but EVERY member is a part of our team and that is what makes this club so great! A special thanks to club member Dexter Pepperman, a Run For Your Life employee, and our local Mizuno Representative Chris Pluchos for making this all happen!

Mizuno sells high quality running shoes and running apparel. On the recommendation of several club members, the board selected Mizuno as our partner for 2010. The gear last a long time, looks terrific and performs well. Get your Mizuno gear today at your local running specialty stores.

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