Saturday, March 6, 2010


My father always says PB (personal best) but the more widely used term in Personal Record. I thought I would take a few minutes to congratulate so many folks who had PRs this weekend at the Corporate cup 5k, half marathon and half marathon relay. By design, I requested to run the 2nd leg of the relay. It afforded me the opportunity to see the start of the race, compete myself, and then see as many folks as I could the last 5 miles of the course as I needed to get back to the start/finish after my leg.

What was so much fun was to find out how folks were doing mid race and then be able to share in their happiness after the race. I tried to run a bit with Jay Holder after my leg but he was turning 5.35 miles so I knew he was in route for a PR! Chad Crockford was cranking up the hill next to Myers park and I just knew by where he was in the race and how strong he looked that he was on time for a big PR. Michelle Hazelton came by in 3rd overall and was assisted by club member Thomas Eggar. They were working as a team to get Michelle thru the finish line in a 2 min and 30 second PR. Danielle Walther and Alice Rodger were neck and neck when I saw them with whole entourage of dudes (most were CRC members) pacing them along. Danielle had a 5 minute PR! I know I just scratched the surface of success out there. As an example, after the race I learned that Emily Barrett PRed thru 10k and half (1.50.31).

We send out a lot of praise to the folks up front who routinely place in the top overall spots. Those accomplishments are excellent but to some extent they are expected as the individuals obtaining them are very serious runners who are blessed with a boat load of talent. What I find really inspiring and satisfying is how many of you set a goal and crushed it this weekend! That means you worked hard in training and then delivered during the race to run a time faster than you have every run before! Pat yourself on the back for that as getting a PR is ALWAYS a great accomplishment.

Obviously we can’t PR every race, but I think the general trend in 2010 will be more and more club members achieving their goals and finding new levels of fitness they never thought they could achieve. Speaking from experience, I was so inspired by the Winter Flight crew 2 weeks ago that when it came time for me to race a week later, I had the confidence that I was going to do well because I run every week with that group. I also wanted to impress every one of them with a better performance of my own J I knew there were lots of you who were supporting me and curious/anxious to see how I would do. That gets me pumped up along with my own personal ambition and drive to improve.

To be totally honest I had folks today cheering for me and yelling my name that I do not even know and probably should! I sincerely appreciate their support and look forward to meeting them as they are a big reason I ran so well and was able to PR myself on my 5 mile relay leg (fastest I have run 5 miles in 17 years…XC back in sophomore year of college…that was a different chapter in my life so I am counting today as a PR J ). Throughout the race, I saw club members helping each other out by pacing each other, cheering at the end, and or our fabulous bike support crew that zig zagged up and down the course while shouting support.
It is hard for me not to gush about all of you each time I pump out a blog but so far, it has been totally deserved. Thank you all and congratulations! I look forward to sharing in your athletic progression all year.


  1. aaaawwww YEAH! you can't beat CRC support! two of our fastest guys ran little ole me in for the last mile... i love that no one is too good to run with anyone else. GO US!

  2. It was brought to my attention 2 more CRC members who had PRs. Billy Shue broke 1.18 for the half marathon which was a goal of his and Alice Rodgers had a big half PR and won the whole race. Congrats to both!